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Stargirl 2: What To Expect From The Grace Vander Waal Starring Sequel


David Mudd

Stargirl 2 is a sequel to the 2020 comedy-drama film Stargirl. Both critics and audiences appreciated and loved the first part. It was such a feel-good movie and is based on Jerry Spinelli’s 2000 novel of the same name. Disney+ stays true to the story of the book at the same time, creating some changes. Stargirl also marked the debut of American singer and songwriter, Grace Vander Waal’s acting career.

Stargirl: Plot

The movie follows the life of a chirpy young girl, Susan Caraway. She’s been home-schooled for her entire life. That’s when she joins in Mica High as a tenth grader in Arizona town. She’s different and unique. As she enters, she catches everyone with her crazy outfits and whacky behavior.

Stargirl 2

She’s nothing like Mica High have ever seen. She’s overly friendly with everyone even though nobody is that way towards her. However, everything seems to fall in place for our Stargirl when she gets selected for the Football teams cheerleading squad. Now that she’s a cheerleader, she’s more popular than ever. Leo, a senior at Mica High, starts to develop a crush for the free-spirited Susan.

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Stargirl 2: What To Expect

Julia Hart’s Stargirl was a hit for Disney+, so it’s making a part two for the comedy-drama. Susan Caraway and Leo belong to two distinctive worlds. So they’ve called it cuts. Stargirl 2 will take place in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Stargirl flew away from Mica and started a new life with her mother in the American Northeast. The story of the second part of Disney+ movie will pick up right from where it was left in Stargirl.

Stargirl 2

Stargirl will cease to start a new adventure and will continue writing on her journal as she meets new people. In Stargirl 2 we’ll see a new love interest for Susan. His name is Perry Delaplane. He’s completely different from Leo. But has Stargirl ultimately moved on from Leo? We’ll find out.

Stargirl 2: Release Date

Disney+ will take almost a year to decide Stargirl 2. So the production, filming and ore production will go throughout 2021. Hence we can only expect Stargirl 2 latest by 2022.

Stargirl 2