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StarDog and TurboCat: Everything that You Must Be Aware Of:

Found of watching 3D computer-animated movies? And since your childhood you admire superheroes….. On top of it, you are a dog person. If you have all these three things in your mind then we are here with a golden opportunity for you.

Yes!!!!! You read right….golden opportunity for you. If you are here, it means you have all these things in your mind. Isn’t it? Now, let’s talk about the fascinating golden opportunity for the purpose you are here. Well, it is a movie that is having superheroes, a dog person, and many more….especially with the 3D animation.

And the name of the movie is- “StarDog and TurboCat”. The title also gives us a hint. For gathering everything about the film, keep scrolling with us.

Let’s start with a short description of the film:

About StarDog and TurboCat:

This a British 3D computer-animated movie which is produced by Head Gear Films and Screen Yorkshire whereas it was dispersed by Film Distribution and Viva Kids. Initially, it was directed and penned by Ben Smith.


After knowing all this, you might be curious about who is behind its animation? British animation studio Red Star 3D is behind it. Now, let’s proceed towards the next section to know its launch date.

StarDog and TurboCat: Release Date

Wondering when it was first released at the box office? It was first launched on 6 December 2019 in the United Kingdom with a running time of 90 minutes. After that, Viva Kids acquired it, then it was premiered on DirecTV in the United States on 21 May 2020.

These 90 minutes will bring a new entertainment table to your life and along with it, you could explore your childhood desire for superheroes.

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StarDog and TurboCat: Ratings

We know you are having a thought about this. So, we are here to fulfill your thought. To give you a clear picture, we have shared the ratings from different platforms.

Rotten Tomatoes- 50%/100%

IMDb- 5.2/10

Parent Previews- 2/5

Apart from this, even the critics displayed mixed reviews, all in all, approved the animation but also considered the movie as unsophisticated. However, some of the audience appraises the series very well.

StarDog and TurboCat have an official page on Facebook for all their admirers where they keep interacting with their fans. Here, is a look at the page:

Who performed in this 3D animation movie?

If our favorite star cast plays any role in any movie then ignoring that movie is a great mistake. I and my friends all believe this. Might this also be the case with you? So, you shouldn’t leave this movie at any cost if your ideal star is in the film.

For helping you, we have displayed the whole list of the star cast of the StarDog and TurboCat so that you shouldn’t be mistaken at any cost. Here, is a detailed list:

Luke Evans in the role of Felix/TurboCat

Nick Frost performed as Buddy/StarDog

Gemma Arterton in the role of Cassidy

Bill Nighy acted as Sinclair

Ben Bailey Smith in the character of Tinker

Cory English as Peck

Morgan Cambs in the role of Alex

Ben Smith as David

Dan Russel played Victor

Robert G. Slade in the character of Todd

Let us know, whether your preferred actor is on this list or not by commenting below.

StarDog and TurboCat: Where to watch?

On-demand streaming has increased over the period of time thus there are various platforms on which you can stream this. Some of the popular ones are- Amazon Video Prime, Hulu. You can binge it on these platforms.

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StarDog and TurboCat: First Look

A trailer is one such thing that always excites us and also encourages us to stream that particular movie or show. So, this is high to reveal the first look of the film as you have all the details about it and you are ready to watch it. Enjoy your video:

Ending Note:

Everything that you should know about the StarDog and TurboCat has been shared with you. Once you watched do let us know in the comment section your experience. Still, you are looking for any other doubt concerning the same then freely contact us.

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