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Star Wars: Rey Skywalker Completed The Chosen One Prophecy?


David Mudd

According to production designer of the film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Rick Carter, says that Rey Skywalker has accomplished Chosen One prophecy. 

The prophecy was from the time of The Phantom Menace It was about Skywalker being the Chosen One who by every faith, had to bring balance to the Force. The movie can be streamed on YouTube and Google Play.

The Misconception 

A significant number of fans predicted Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One. This suspicion was in connection to the incident of throwing Palpatine down a shaft from the film Return of the Jedi as bringing balance back to the Force.

Star Wars


The Comeback (Star Wars

To everyone’s astonishment, Palpatine returned The Rise of Skywalker which did create a lot of distress for the Resistance. Rey’s most significant validation was revealing to everyone that was a Palpatine. 

She wasn’t in the sane frame of mind to adapt to this new information about her origins, so she decided to resort to a place called Ahch-To. Luke appears as a Force Ghost to her and reveals that he had suspected her of being a Palpatine. But, to her delight, he still chose to trust her actions because she had portrayed that she truly belonged to the brighter side.

Rick’s Perspective On The Chosen One

Here is an insight into what Rick felt about Rey to be the Chosen One! Rick is very optimistic when it comes to expressing his perspectives. He says that it does not matter if Rey is not a skywalker by blood, but her actions have proven that there could not have been a better one. 

It is fantastic to have such excellent dreams and work towards achieving bigger goals in your life. Destiny is not solely based upon birth, and a lot of factors through the walk of life contribute significantly. 

Star Wars
Rey (Daisy Ridley) in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

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