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Star Wars Battlefront 2 : The Game Offers Double XP During Quarantine


David Mudd

People and businesses are doing all they can in order to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the developers of the Star Wars Battlefront to have taken this fight a step further. Now the world of gaming is also up for a fight with the pandemic. Star Wars Battlefront 2 has offered double XP for the players as people are encouraged to stay indoors in order to control the outbreak.

The Word From The Company

Star Wars

Ben walked, the games community manager wrote on Twitter “we are turning on x2 to experience in star wars Battlefront until March 27 and then ant will be an x3 experience weekend”. He further wrote “people are stuck at home. We can’t change the world but we can make their gaming a little more enjoyable. ”

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How It All Started Star Wars Battlefront

The decision was actually an idea borrowed from a fan. The fan took to Reddit to jokingly mention the idea. The Reddit post read “until this pandemic is over I am calling on all video game publishers to make every day a double XP weekend. ” However, the idea was turned into a reality which is appreciated by gamers.

The gaming experience comes secondary but the initiative taken to help the cause is praiseworthy. Similar steps are now being suggested for other games like fortnight and call of duty.


Star Wars Battlefront

The covid 19 or the coronavirus has lead to the decision. Although the games must be impressed, the bigger picture is still looking bleak. With 140 countries affected and a death toll of over 9000, the situation is alarming.

After a long time,e the human race has been shaken by a deadly virus. A lot of damage has been sustained in terms of the outbreak. However, governments all around are taking aggressive steps to prevent further spread of the virus. People have been in lockdown in many parts of the world. Schools and offices are closed and many businesses have been closed fearing outbreak.

Any confirmed methods of treatment have not been found as of now. However, people are made aware of many precautionary steps that they can take.

Star Wars Battlefront

Everybody is expected to do their part in these hard times. Big companies and businesses are not exceptions in this matter. Needless to say, it seems they are aware of their duties, especially after seeing such efforts from them to ensure public safety. If a little more time with a game may save a life, then why not indulge in it.

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