Star Wars ‘Andor’ Ratings in the Gutter: Worse Than ‘Boba Fett’!


Saloni Singh

 According to new analytics data, the conditions for the Star Wars series, Andor, on Disney Plus look to be in the gutter and are much worse than that of The Book of Boba Fett.

A followership trending map reveals that’ Andor‘ is at the bottom, the way bottom.

While Disney noway releases specific figures( which should tell you everything) and Samba TV has indeed stopped reporting data( for some reason) since it last reported figures for Amazon’s Rings of Power, Pantomimist Analytics has released a map of followership demand where Andor is at the veritably nethermost.

Star Wars Describes Itself As the “ Leading Global Followership Demand Analytics Across Television, Pictures and Gift. “

Brandon Katz, an assiduity strategist at Pantomimist Analytics who has also written for The Wrap and The Observer, posted a “ Daily Demand ” map on Twitter that maps The Mandalorian Season 1 and 2, The Book of Boba Fett Season 1, and the first season occurrences to date of Andor.

 As you can see below, Andor is nowhere near any of the other Star Wars Disney Plus shows and is that blue- grandiloquent line at the veritably nethermost.

Star Wars ‘Andor’ Ratings In The Gutter: Worse Than ‘Boba Fett’

I was actually hoping we’d get data from Samba TV about Andor as Lucasfilm released the first three occurrences on the same day.

 I ’m laying that analogous to Marvel’s Hawkeye seeing a huge 200k drop from occasion 1 to occasion 2 which was released on the same day, that Andor would also see a huge drop with its first three occurrences.

Again, Samba TV Has Stopped Reporting the Number of Homes That Watch Colorful Shows for Some Reason.

 Now we only have the Pantomimist Analytics map to measure effects, and the Nielsen Conditions are weeks behind, but the first three occurrences of Andor should be reported by Nielsen at the end of the week.

Bear in mind Nielsen will be measuring conditions for three occurrences of Andor, not one, as Nielsen reports the number of twinkles watched for the week.

Do N’t Give Up on Andor

 I’ll say that Andor started off with a big- time slow launch and the first three occurrences did n’t impress me all that much, but I’ve since changed my tune as Andor has been really, really good as of late.

 Andor is intellectual wisdom- fabrication at its stylish as Tony Gilroy and his family, Dan Gilroy, are really doing an excellent job with the series.

Star Wars ‘Andor’ Ratings In The Gutter: Worse Than ‘Boba Fett’

Star Wars 6 Eventually Had Some Big Lucre and Was a Really Cool Occasion.

 Occasion 7 is out this week, another really good one; occurrences 8, 9, and 10 are another story bow, and occurrences 11 and 12 make up the homestretch.

So if You Gave Up on Andor, I Suggest You Give It Another Try.

 Disney Plus’ Andor scores big on Rotten Tomatoes, earning the stylish standing in the Star Wars macrocosm since The Mandalorian premiered in 2019.

 The sanctioned Rotten Tomatoes standing for the Star Wars series Andor is the loftiest in the ballot since The Mandalorian. Andor, which premiered on Disney with its first three occurrences moment, is a prequel to the film Rogue One A Star Wars Story, which explained how the revolutionary Alliance was suitable to acquire the plans for the Empire’s Death Star and mount an attack with Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars film, A New Hope.