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Star Wars 9: Colin Trevorrow Script Is Surfacing The Internet


David Mudd

Some piece of good news for Star Wars fans. The script for Star Wars 9 is leaked and is trending on the internet. The script is apparently sixteen pages long. It’s not sure if Duel of the Fates script is fake or not.

An alien is taken down by a lightsaber guillotine. A flood of red lightning brutally ravages five pages from that moment onward, Kylo Ren’s face. His skin is later singed with a cover produced using consuming hot Mandalorian iron. At last, Rey’s eyes are closed up and Hux, who is at the moment a Chancellor of the First Order. He submits seppuku with a beautifying lightsaber.

Star Wars always gives a lot of metal vibes. But, after reading this script (if it’s real or not) makes us believe that it was found bubbling up from the depths of hell. This is like death metal, man.

Star Wars 9

How It All Started (Star Wars 9)?

For a lot of time now, the gossip about the existence of a 2016 draft for Duel of the Fates had been building up all over the internet. The script breakdown was done previous month, then, the leaked concept art–which was confirmed by Trevorrow himself. After all this, there were leaked screenshots of an actual script began appearing on Reddit and Twitter.

Not much time late, the full Pdf was purported, was Colin Trevorrow’s unique arrangement for Episode IX that was unexpectedly dropped when Disney terminated him in 2017. Or then again, at any rate, some similarity to what he had at the top of the priority list.

But, apart from all that, the Pdf was finally shared in its full size. Now that it is transferring all over the internet, we have no idea whether it’s still an original script or not. If by any chance,  if it really is an early draft of the project, it’s worth keeping in mind. Because at the time, Carrie Fisher was still alive.


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