Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 3: Does Netflix CONFIRMED the Renewal of the Show?



Star Trek Strange New Worlds is a science fiction series, which has already released its two seasons for the people. As soon as a science fiction drama series was announced to the people, everyone became excited to learn about it. We already know that sci-fi has managed to get the attention of the entertainment world.

The popularity of science fitness series has been a major source of entertainment for a long time. Take the example of the Interstellar or Star Wars series, the shows have generated not only great profit but also the love of the audience.

That’s why whenever any signs of the I series get released on the screen, everyone knows that it is going to be a blockbuster hit. Coming back to Star Trek Strange New Worlds, which generated positive ratings from the critics and the audience. While people were already trying their best to get out most of the news, we Are here with all the details. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss any updates on the show.


Genre Adventure, Drama, Science fiction
Created by Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet
Based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry
Theme music composer Jeff Russo
Starring Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Jess Bush, Christina Chong, Celia Rose Gooding, Melissa Navia, Babs Olusanmokun, Bruce Horak, Rebecca Romijn
Composer Nami Melumad
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 20
Producer Andrea Raffaghello
Executive Producers Eugene Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, Jenny Lumet, Frank Siracusa, John Weber, Aaron Baiers, Heather Kadin, Henry Alonso Myers, Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman
Production locations Mississauga, Ontario
Running time 46–62 minutes
Production companies Secret Hideout, Weed Road Pictures,HMRC Productions, Roddenberry Entertainment, CBS Studios
Original network Paramount
Original release May 5, 2022 –


Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 3 Release Date: What is the Release date of the show?

We already know that the majority of series ends on a cliffhanger or are meant to release their next season. With the story of the show being completed on a suspicious note. People are excited to know what the creators are planning to do.

As of now, there has been no announcement regarding the upcoming season of the series. I know it is quite heartbreaking for people as the creator has not announced anything, but we ask you to have faith in the show.

There will be another season in the series, Considering the fact how the show ended. If the sugar is renewed before the end of this year, the audience can expect the series to be released in 2024 or 2025. Note: This isn’t a mullet release date of the show, but rather a prediction made by us.

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Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 3 Cast: Who will be in it?

Anson Mount is one of the popular artists who has already been in Hell on Wheels and Star Trek. Along with this, there might be tons of amazing casts which we will update in this section. Here are the details of the show.

  • Anson Mount as Christopher Pike
  • Ethan Peck as Spock
  • Jess Bush as Christine Chapel
  • Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh
  • Celia Rose Gooding as Nyota Uhura
  • Melissa Navia as Erica Ortegas
  • Babs Olusanmokun as Joseph M’Benga
  • Bruce Horak as Hemmer
  • Rebecca Romijn as Una Chin-Riley / Number One:

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 3 Plot: What to Expect with it?

After the conclusion of the second season, the fans started to wonder what the future of the series holds. We already know that everything lies in the hands of the creator and recently there have been certain updates on the matter.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds is one of the popular sci-fi series that generated a widespread popular storyline all around the world. The show follows Captain Christopher Pike (played by Anson Mount) and the crew of the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the 23rd century as they explore new worlds throughout the galaxy in the decade before Star Trek: The Original Series.

The second season of the show follows the series. While there has been a lot of speculation around the show, we know that the audience has worked for the show. Star Trek, if there will be a third season, we can expect the story to continue. At the time of writing, we don’t have any official statement regarding the show.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 3 official trailer

Are you looking for the official trailer of Star Trek Strange New Worlds? We know that there are a lot of fans who Are waiting for the official trailer. However, the shoemaker has not yet announced anything regarding the matter.

The trailer will be released once the production is concluded. As of now, there are no such updates on the matter, we believe the series will take a while. If there will be any update, I will make sure to let you know through this article. Till then you can watch the official trailer of the season and find all the latest information regarding it

Where to watch the show?

If you haven’t watched the series yet and desire to watch the show, then you can head to Hulu or JioCinema. The series is exclusively available on this platform for the audience to watch. You can take the subscription to this platform and stream it.

Moreover, these platforms offer tons of other amazing movies, show, and web series, to the subscriber. If you wish to watch them, there are amazing content shows, Fear the Walking Dead has just released its eighth season and fans are hoping to see more of the horror thriller drama. I Know there are a lot of people who are wanting another season of the show. This article is for you!

What are the ratings of the show?

There are a lot of people who are wondering about the show’s rating. If you are one of those people who are wondering about the ratings of the show. These are the ratings of the show. Here are the ratings and reviews of the show.


98%Rotten Tomatoes


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Star Trek Strange New Worlds has undoubtedly managed to get the attention of the world’s people. There is no doubt that people are wondering about the annual status of this science fiction series. After the second season of the show ended on a major cliff, viewers were curious to learn about the future of the show.

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