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Star Trek: Picard – Brent Spiner Speaks That He Won’t Enact Data Again

All the Star Trek fans will be sad to hear this but, Brent Spiner will not play the role of Data after Picard. This is something that we already knew. Data sacrificed his life for Picardo in Star Trek: Nemesis. It was surprising for the fans to see him back. It is now confident that he will not play the character anymore. The news came out from the actor Brent Spiner himself. 

About Star Trek: Picard

This TV show released on 23rd January this year managed to attract a lot of fans. This part is 18 years after Star Trek: Nemesis. This story revolves around Picard. He is grieving the loss of Lt. Commander Data. This is the story about how he moves on in his life. The news that Brent will never again play the role of Data was obvious. This is not like Marvel that they can bring him back through some time travel theory.

Star Trek: Picard

We don’t know what is going to happen ahead in the show, but it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. The show runs on CBS network. We saw the 10th episode of the show on 26th March. 

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Where Can Users Stream It Online? 

This show is available on Amazon Prime, and people can either start there 30-day free trial or buy the membership for a year. 

Star Trek: Picard

This is a show that people thought will release on Netflix because all such content is there. Surprisingly it released on Amazon and got great views there too. Amazon prime is a platform that is growing strong every day. There are movies and old shows related to Star Trek that are related to it on the same platform.

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Use Your Quarantine In A Productive Way By Watching Star Trek: Picard

Now you know that this show is available on Amazon Prime and we know that you have a lot of free time. Don’t wait, stream the season there and get stunned by this fantastic show. Patrick Stewart is in his best form and plays the role of Picard with utmost perfection. He is a delight to watch. Don’t miss this one.

Star Trek: Picard

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