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Star Trek: Personal Signature Maneuver For Every Character


David Mudd

Star Trek is close to every person. This is a great show. Many shows have taken references from this show. It is going on for quite some time now. Also, it has brought together many people in its fandom.

Every character in this show is unique. Also, they have their signature maneuvers as well. This makes this show different from anything that you’ve seen. These maneuvers are a personal signature for every character.

They are personalized. Also, they are very close to the person in particular. So much that you can relate them together. This has played a big role in the series.

Now, as well, it is very important. Stay tuned to know more about this!

Star Trek

The Corbomite Maneuver

This maneuver is close to Picard. He is one of the most significant characters in the show. This uses the exploration of space in a very different way.

The Enterprise is moving in an unexplored region of time and space. Here he is pursued by a space buoy emitting radiation.

The Picard Maneuver

This maneuver also belongs to Picard. It is usually used with intergalactic mischief. Picard uses them against the mischief-makers or the Ferengi.

So, this has been significant in quite some time in the history of Star Trek. It has come into use many times. It was used once in the Next-generation.

Also, it was used with Riker. He used it using a great strategy. He built smog near ships and then used it to his benefit.

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Star Trek

Riker also has his maneuvers. They are called Riker Alpha and Riker Beta. In their way, they too work amazingly well.

As a result of this, the crew could survive from the Borg Cube. Riker had helped Picard then. Also, the unusual way of Rikers sitting is referred to as the Rikers Maneuver. When he sits, the usually puts one leg on the top of the other.

Then he will straddle it. This also has become a part of his identity in the series now. And this is what makes Star Trek, Star Trek.