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Star Align Season 2 Release Date: Is It Confirmed Or Cancelled?

The anime world is massive, with a diverse storyline, different genres, and remarkable visuals, they are dominating the whole world. There are limited sports-inspired anime series but most of them are widely popular among fans. Star Align is one of the highly exclusive sports anime series that has been gaining the love and faith of the audience. 

Sports anime series have gained massive popularity over the past few years. The story remained unchanged about the undercover boy who is neglected by the world but gained fame after joining the high school team. However, Star Align is an exception.

The anime has likable characters that make the story look super interesting, the character development makes the story more powerful and this makes the audience spend more hours. The sports generic theme worked well when you set the location around the high school and the creators of the series understood the assignment pretty well. 

After the first season concluded pretty well, the fans started to wonder about the second season. Star Align is the recently released anime series but the fans seemed to not be bothered by it, instead, they are looking at the updates of the show. Without wasting time, let’s take a look to find out everything about the show. 

Star Align Season 2: When is it going to Release?

Star Align Season 2 Release Date After the end of the first season, the story of the anime series left on a cliffhanger. There were enough reasons for the show to believe in the second season. With the source material still left to cover and the story ending on unlikely terms, fans started to believe that there will be another season of Star Align Season 2. 

Thankfully the officials didn’t take much time and renewed the anime series. It was surprising for the fans to encounter the renewal of the anime instantly. While the other anime series are taking more than usual to get renewed, Star Align instantly booked their show for the second season.

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In an official statement, the showrunners initially announced that the series will be coming back with 24 episodes. However, later they changed the number down to 12 and informed us that the second installment will include 12 episodes only. There is heavy speculation that the studio might be planning to extend the show for another season and thankfully the director confirmed it. 

The production for the anime series has already begun. There is no exact information on the release date but you can assume the show will be released before the end of this year. 

Star align is expected to be released by the end of 2021. We Are still waiting for the official release date and will update this section.

Star Align Season 2 Cast: Who will be back?

Star Align Season 2 news

Following the regular theme around sports, Star Align’s character steals the highlight of the show. If it was not for these enjoyable characters, the show was rarely going to survive thousands of similar series. It is because of these remarkable characters who outcast themselves apart from the rest of the world. 

The anime centers around Maki Katsuragi, the main protagonist of the show and a new student in Shijou South Middle School. He has a passion for playing tennis and on his very first day, he showcased some of his talents in the game. Another character in the show is Touma Shinjo, the leader of the teens club of Shijou South Middle School. Before the arrival of Maki, he was the only strongest player on the team. 

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Along with these two, there is Itsuki Ameno, the shortest player out of all the players. HGH is uninterested in tennis and does not make any effort to improve his game. His behavior toward tennis is quite dramatic and intolerable. 

Then there is Rintarou Futsu, the vice-captain of the team who tries to put everyone’s care and comfort at the top. He takes care of everyone and after Maki’s arrival and his popularity, Rintarou started to get pissed off with all those precautions and fame. He started to believe that he would lose his vice-captaincy because of Maki. Shigo Takenouchi is the elder brother of An who has a strong personality and happy gestures. He is the sunshine of the team and makes lame and cracked-up jokes which encourage the audience to laugh.

Tsubasa Soga is another cold-hearted character who can be pissed off easily. However, he has a soft side. 

 Star Align Season 2 Plot: What can we expect with it?

Star Align Season 2 Release Date Updates

Star Align showcases the story of Maki Katsuragi, the new student at Shijou South Middle School who has great skills in tennis. At the same time, the tennis club of the school was facing a massive downfall because of the lack of good players and lack of participation. 

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Touma Shinjo asked him to join the club for the upcoming competitions. But in return, Maki asked for money to play in the match. They both agreed and played the match together. As the story continued and Maki started to gather her skills and performed well in the championship which ultimately makes their winning possible.

Bottom Line

Star Align is a sports genre anime series that centers around Maki, a new boy at the high school. The first season of the series was already released on  October 11th, 2019. After the series premiered, the fans were devastated to learn about the second season. There is enough reason for the showrunners to work on the new season but still, the officials are ignoring the renewal of the show. 

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