Stalker 2: Updates You Need to Know Today!


David Mudd

Stalker 2 is now officially confirmed to be in development. The Zone, a massively polluted and exceedingly hazardous area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, will be the setting for the long-awaited sequel to the much-loved (and much-loved janky) Stalker series, which will be released later this year.

Stalker 2

For its dismal atmosphere, scary beasts and mutants, and very harsh gameplay, the first-person survival shooter series is renowned. Fans (like me) have been waiting a decade for the sequel to the film that was first announced in 2010 but never released.

Stalker 2’s Release Date?

The release date for Stalker 2 is set for December 8, 2022. Stalker 2 was originally scheduled to release in April, but GSC Game World has revealed that it would be delayed in order to “fulfill our vision.”

Stalker 2 Be on Pc?

Yes! Previously, the Stalker series was only available on PC, however, Stalker 2 is now available on Xbox One as a “console launch exclusive.” That’s a difficult term to grasp, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that PC players will have to wait. It simply means that PlayStation owners will be unable to access the service. According to the official Stalker 2 website, the PC version will be released at the same time as the Xbox version.

Will Stalker 2 Seriously Have Nfts?

Yes, at first, but then no, and now maybe it will continue to be no as well. It was revealed on December 15th that GSC Game World will be collaborating with NFTs to provide players the opportunity to have their images captured and scanned onto the faces of NPCs or to get access to “unique” products through a blockchain auction.

This did not last long, since the next step was taken the next day, when NFT’s affiliation with Stalker 2 was rescinded, demonstrating that the answer to the question ‘what are you selling?’ was not, in fact, NFTs, as previously stated.

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As a result, it looks that Stalker 2 will be spared the wrath of the non-fungible token craze now sweeping the internet.

What Engine Is Stalker 2 Running on?

Although we already knew that Stalker 2 will be running on Unreal 4, we now know that it will be running on the much-anticipated Unreal 5. The fact that Stalker 2 has been delayed until 2022 suggests that a probable change in the engine might be the cause of the problems.

Because of this engine modification, a slew of changes has been implemented, including some really attractive characters and weaponry. As a result, we can now anticipate seeing characters’ teeth, both white and not-so-white, shining brightly in the Zone.

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There’s a True Open World This Time

It should be noted that while the areas in the early Stalker games were large, they were not totally open worlds. They were large in size, but they were divided into pieces, and you had to pass through a few precise access points in order to travel between them.

Stalker 2 will be the first game in the series to have a seamless open environment. In a statement, GSC Game World said that for the first time in the series, “the Zone will be yours to explore as a postapocalyptic open-world—one of the largest ever created in the genre.”

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A-life Has Been Upgraded

In Stalker games, there’s a lot of simulation going on—members of the different human tribes walk the Zone with you, and there are all kinds of mutants and monsters lurking around as well, just like you.

Even when you’re not there to see it, these many creatures conflict and interact with one another. In the previous games, a system called A-Life was used to mimic the environment and its residents, and now A-Life 2.0 will be used in Stalker 2 to simulate the planet and its inhabitants.

What Is Stalker 2 About?

There hasn’t been much information released regarding the tale, although the premise appears to be the same as in the prior games. “As a result of the wealth and mysteries that lie there, bounty hunters travel deep into the Zone. Some of them are fleeing away from their pasts, while others are blinded by greed, and some are fascinated with uncovering the truth behind all of the mysteries that surround them.”

Stalker 2

The tale will be non-linear, and according to GSC, “Your decisions will have an impact on both short-term effects and long-term implications.”

Ray Tracing and Resolutions

As a result of GSC confirming RTX support for Stalker 2 on the Xbox One X and Series S, as well as 4k resolution on the Xbox One X, we can fairly presume the same capabilities will be available on the PC.