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Stadia: Stadia’s Wireless Controllers Can Finally Connect To PC Wirelessly

“Stadia” which is the Google's wireless gaming service namely known as Cloud game service. This new innovation indulges the gamers to have lot of features where external hardware of computer is not necessary. The Stadia involves night internet service, allowing web browser, chrome to access.

It released in market and accessible to gamers from November of 2019. And from then it is waiting for the new updates.

If you are one of the person who us waiting for the new updates then, we have something good to you.


New Update From Google's Stadia

Up to now, gamers and streamers, okay who ever using the Stadia  is just access to the device via USB. Players requires the USB connection to access the stadia.

The new update brings the gamers to have access through wirelessly of the device. This week is allowing to have wireless connection for web browses to the users.

Now, the users who use it through mobile phone can update their controller’s firmware, allowing it to connect to their browser-based client using their wireless internet connection. Soon after the update players can hold down the Stadia controller’s link button, allowing them to  enter an on-screen code. Now you have unlimit time to play on Stadia. Making you  until you get vexed through the game.

But here the notice to the gamers who use device through mobile phones.The player need to have app through WiFi only, its not the Bluetooth device. And the gamers are not allowed to control games wirelessly outside of Stadia.


This often looks pretty good without any connections, so one can have fun with the wireless connection of Stadia.

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