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St. Louis Couple Says They Were Victim Of A Mob


David Mudd

The couples who pointed guns at a group of protesters at St Louis is now popular among people. A man with a rifle and one lady was seen with a pistol in their hand. Besides, the lady was pointing the pistol towards protesters. After all, now the man who came up with the gun says that he was the victim of a mob. He says that he was afraid of the protesters to run and overkill them.


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Moreover, he says he was a person who got scared for life and was just protecting his wife and livelihood. Meanwhile, the protesters were taking a shortcut to the mayor’s house. And the area is a private street. So, it is hard to reach the mayor’s home and protesters decided to broke through a private gate to reach there. The incident happened around 7 PM outside their St Louis home. After all, Mayor Lyda Krewson’s decided to publish the names of house owners.

However, there were some words also exchanged between the protesters and the two people. But the words are not clear in both eyewitness videos. According to the eyewitness, the protesters used the private unlocked gate to cut through the neighborhood.