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SSSS Gridman Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And What Are The Fan Theories On The Internet


David Mudd

SSSS Gridman is back for another season and nothing interests us more. This anime has had a blockbuster first season. When the first season came out, it was appreciated a lot by everyone. The amine was taken very well by everyone all across.

It revolved around the story of an amnesiac teenager. And it features his daily life. When he meets an agent, his life turns around. And then he has certain quests to complete to get through with it.

So this show builds in a lot and the audience has loved its presentation time and again. So now that another season is going to hit us, we don’t know how to keep calm. Stay intact for all the information.

When Is It Going To Release? (SSSS Gridman)

SSSS Gridman

We don’t exactly know when it is going to release. The makers have been pretty silent about it. So they haven’t confirmed a date for it right now. However, of all we know, we think that you’ll have to wait for it a little now.

The most expected time for the release is around the year 2022. Also, we could have had it earlier. But then the coronavirus pandemic happened.

Ever since it is not feasible for anyone to work properly since they’re stuck at their homes. Considering this, we are expecting a delay in the release of the show.

What Is The Expected Cast?

We don’t know yet about anything. The makers have not commented anything about the new characters in the season. So that is quite a mystery right now. Added to that, we know some characters that we might see now.

And those will be the past faces that we are accustomed to. The lead characters will sure come back for their roles. The season is going to be a continuation of the first season.

So that is a given. You will see Yūta Hibiki, Gridman, and Kaiju again for another season. However, there is no news about any new charters as of now.

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What Is The Expected Plot?

SSSS Gridman

The show is going to be in continuation of what we know from the first season. However, they have not yet revealed how they are going to go about with the story. Also, we don’t have a trailer or teaser for the show.

Apart from that, we are expecting the storyline to stay true to the series that it is inspired by. But there can be so many add ons to it that it makes us wonder where the makers will take it from here. Thay can twist it in any form. We should just wait for the season trailer.