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Sports Camera: Canon 1DX Mark3 Vs Sony A9 2- Comparison Review

Canon 1DX Mark3 and Sony A9 2 are the two new sports camera in the market. Read ahead to know their features and comparison.

Release Date

The Canon 1DX Mark 3 releases on 7th January 2020. While the Sony A9 2 released last year on 3rd October 2020.

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Sports Camera

Features Of Canon 1DX Mark 3 

The Canon 1DX Mark 3 has a 20 MP full-frame CMOS Sensor. Furthermore, it has a 3.2-inch fixed type screen. It has an optical pentaprism viewfinder. Moreover, the Canon 1DX Mark 3 has a 20.0 fps continuous shooting feature.

It comes with a built-in GPS feature. Moreover, the Canon 1DX Mark 3 has a weather-sealed body. Also, it has a video resolution of 5472×2886.

Features Of Sony A9 2 (Sports Camera)

The Sony A9 2 has a 24 MP full-frame BSI-CMOS Sensor. Furthermore, it comes with three tilted screens. Also, it has a weather-sealed body. The camera weighs only 678 grams. The Sony A9 2 has a 120 fps High-Speed video capture feature.

It has a video resolution of 3840×2160. Furthermore, the camera has 20.0 fps continuous shooting. The camera comes with a Sensor-shift image stabilization feature.

Sports Camera

Why Choose Canon 1D X Mark 3 Camera? (Sports Camera)

The Canon 1D X Mark 3 has a better ISO of 102.400 then the Sony A9 2. It has a larger LCD screen of 3.2 inches. Furthermore, it has a better battery life of 2850 shots. The camera has illuminated buttons. As a result, seeing buttons in the dark becomes easy.

Also, it has a larger pixel area then the Sony A9 2 camera. Its top LCD helps to view and change camera settings easily. The Canon 1D X Mark 3 has a 45% higher resolution screen.

Why Choose Sony A9 2 Camera? (Sports Camera)

Sony A9 2 has more flexible shooting positions. Moreover, it supports UHS Memory cards. Also, you can connect your camera with other devices through Bluetooth. Furthermore, it is 762 grams lighter than the Canon 1D X Mark 3 camera.

It has 502 more focus points than the Canon 1D X Mark 3. Unlike the Canon 1D X Mark 3, the Sony A9 2 has an in-built Image Stabilization feature which stabilizes all the lenses automatically.

Sports Camera