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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom To Come On Switch, Gameplay Details

One of the most popular characters from the world of cartoons is soon going to make its comeback in the gaming world. Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is arriving soon on the gaming platform Nintendo Switch.

This comes from the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston (PAX East) where a short video of the gameplay was screened. The video is also available on YouTube for fans to see.

Bringing Back A Classic, Remade For The Modern Times

The credit for bringing back this classic goes to THQ Nordic which is known for its keenness of reviving such games. The company is bringing the yellow square back to the world of gaming after 17 years of its initial release in 2003.

One other aspect of THQ Nordic that deserves applause is their adaptability with the needs of the generation. They have re-mastered the game with contemporary times in mind.

It has also aimed to make it an age-neutral experience for the players. Also, the visuals of the game are in no way archaic and live up to the needs of gamers nowadays.

What The Game Is About?

SpongeBob and his allies are going against Plankton in the game. The nemesis has created Duplication 3000 which produce tiny robots and spits them out through his mouth to take care of his business. The players must eliminate the threat caused by the schemes of Plankton and at the same time complete some side missions.

The game starts at SpongeBob’s house where you are familiarized with the controls and then you can embark on your journey. There are options when it comes to the choice of character as you can choose to play as one of SpongeBob’s allies as well.

Let’s Relive The Past This Summer

From what we have seen till now, there’s something really simple yet pleasing game waiting for us this summer. The greatest thing about it is that it has something in store for all the age groups. The children can enjoy a little more quality time with their favourite cartoon character. On the other hand, the adults can enjoy a few moments of nostalgia with the re-mastered classic.

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