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Splatoon 2: The Shootout Begins!

Splatoon 2

Do you love shooter games? If yes then you have landed at the right place!

“Splatoon” is a third-person shooter in which the aim is to cover the arena with your team’s coloured ink. The game received several accolades for its innovative approach to the shooting genre.

The reasons for the popularity of “Splatoon” are its originality and uniqueness.

The graphic improvement in Splatoon 2 is arguably the most obvious and noticeable difference between it and its predecessor. Let’s have a look at it!

Splatoon 2 | About

Splatoon is a third-person shooter game developed by Nintendo EAD (2015) and Nintendo EPD (2017–present). The publisher for this video gaming series is Nintendo. You can also refer to its website for all the information and downloading of this game.

Created and Composed by Hisashi Nogami and Toru Minegishi, Shiho Fujii, Ryo Nagamatsu Splatoon works well for children of all ages. Even the elderly people and the youth are huge fans of this role-playing shooter game!

There is also a sequel to Splatoon i.e. Splatoon 2. And that is what we are going to discuss here!

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Splatoon 2 | Gameplay

Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooter, similar to its forerunner, wherein the gamers operate figures named Inklings and Octolings and also use coloured ink as weaponry. Ink is indeed utilised to coat the ground or any dyeable surface so that the characters may bathe or refuel their ink containers.

Inklings and Octolings can transform between humanly, or kiddie form, from which they can move and attack, and squid form, in which they can swiftly swim across ink of their very own colour, replenishing their ink supplies and returning to full strength.

The sequel introduces new regular, sub, and special weapons, such as Dualies, dual-wield pistols that allow the player to do dodge rolls, Brellas, shotgun-like weapons that allow defensive movements with folding shields, and Inkjets, jetpacks.

It has the same Turf War option for Regular Battles as the previous game, in which two four-player teams have three minutes to cover the most turf with their colour of ink. Splatoon 2 also keeps the original game’s cycle of Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker for Ranked Battles, which unlock at level ten, while also introducing a new Clam Blitz mode.

League Battles enable users to create teams with friends and compete in the same formats as Ranked Battles.

Hero Mode is a single-player adventure wherein the player retrieves trapped Zapfish through several stages whilst battling off wicked Octarians. But unlike the preceding game’s single-player mode, which featured a predetermined weapon setup, the players may now obtain numerous weaponry, some of which may be necessary for initially playing levels.

Aside from Sunken Scrolls, which unlock artworks and in-game narrative, players may also gather Power Orbs to improve their Hero Mode weapons, as well as tickets, which can be traded for brief reward boosts in online combat, such as additional experience or in-game money.

Splatoon 2 | Storyline

Splatoon 2 is set about two years just after the final Splatfest event of the previous game, wherein the pop star Marie vanquished her cousin and fellow Squid Sister, Callie. Marie is concerned whether Callie was badly impacted by the outcome as they moved apart over the months following the occurrence.

After abandoning Inkopolis to visit her parents, Marie comes home to find that perhaps the Great Zapfish, which sustains the city, has vanished, as has Callie.

Fearing that the wicked Octarians are yet again engaged, Marie reprises her job as Agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon and invites the player character. This character player is an Inkling from Inkopolis Square, into becoming an Agent 4 and probe.

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Splatoon 2 | System Requirements

Here are the system requirements enlisted for Windows users.

Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
CPU INTEL Quad Core 3.0 GHz INTEL Core i3
VRAM 512 MB 1 GB
OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Direct X 9.0c 9.0c
SOUND CARD DirectX Compatible DirectX Compatible
HDD Space 2 GB free 2 GB free

Splatoon 2 | Reviewing Previous Season

Splatoon is a Nintendo-developed and owned third-person shooter video game brand founded by Hisashi Nogami. The series stars anthropomorphic cephalopodic creatures known as Inklings and Octolings, which are based on squids and octopuses, respectively, and can shift between humanoid and cephalopod forms at will. 

They regularly engage in turf wars with each other, employing a variety of weaponry that create and discharge colourful ink when in humanoid form, or swim and hide under surfaces coated in their own coloured ink while in cephalopodic form. Splatoon, the first game in the series, was published in May 2015 on the Wii U.

In 2018, Splatoon launched a number of agreements with third-party firms and launched its own esports tournament circuit. In Japan, it has inspired a manga series as well as music events. It began as a four-versus-four ink-based territorial control game placed in an empty arena.

Splatoon 2 | Trailer

Prior to the reveal of Splatoon 2, footage from the game was seen in the Nintendo Switch announcement video. Here are a few of those video footage that you will surely enjoy!

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Splatoon 2 | Release Date

It was published on July 21, 2017, and is a direct successor to Splatoon, featuring a new story-driven single-player campaign as well as numerous online multiplayer modes. On June 13, 2018, a single-player mode expansion package dubbed Octo Expansion was launched as downloadable content (DLC).

Splatoon 2 | Reviews

When it was released, the game garnered mostly good reviews. Splatoon 2 had sold over 12.21 million copies globally as of March 2021, more than double the number of its predecessor and making it one of the best-selling Switch games. Splatoon 3 will be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

“I had never played a shooter before, but the instant I chose this one, I knew I’d like it.”

-A Splatoon 2 player

The controls in Splatoon 2 are fantastic, spanning from motion to stick controls. This game’s controls are simple to learn, so novice players will have no trouble getting started.

It’s a one-of-a-kind shooter that may be extremely addicting. The single-player mode is a little dull, but the conclusion more than makes up for it. The multiplayer is balanced and fair and ranked matches switch between game types to keep things interesting.

The salmon run is a wonderful method to pass your time while also obtaining gear and other goodies.

The DLC (which may appear to be costly at first) is COMPLETELY WORTH IT. Awesome plot, hours of material, great gear, and stages that are unique and inventive with varying levels of difficulty. I truly enjoyed the DLC’s conclusion.

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