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Spiral: Plot | Release Date | Cast

Spiral is the latest venture from the Saw movies Franchise. Many movies gained popularity by showing bloody deaths and twisted killers. But Saw has become a household name in the thriller/ genre for many reasons.  It had disturbingly innovative ideas regarding human torture along with a serial killer who was considered sub-human. 

The gut-wrenching ways of killing humans have always found their way to the hearts of audiences. This is the predominant reason for the movie to become a rich success. It has its school when it comes to depicting scenes of graphic violence and gore, Saw is a hard one to match. 

So when it comes to a movie of that Franchise, undeniably, audiences have certain expectations. This article right here tells you everything you need to know about the Saw movies and the latest release of Franchise —-  Spiral: From the Book of Saw.  

Plot of SPIRAL

The story takes place in the precinct of Detective Zeke Banks. The sudden advent of a serial killer who targets the cops(who are corrupt, as found later) becomes a brooding concern for the Police. Assignment regarding this case is given to Detective Zeke Banks. As Banks ‘ partner was the first target of this cop-killing spree, a new partner was given as well. As dead bodies pile up, Banks realises the presence of a copycat of the infamous Jigsaw. But before he could catch the perpetrator, he becomes the target of the killer’s sadistic game.

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Method, Murder, Madness 

the teaser of the movie spiral from the book of saw
SPIRAL – From the Book of SAW is here!

The movie has a serpentine plot that is powerful enough to make you feel like you too are inside the story. The pacing of the movie could have been better, but it captivates the moments of a slow descent into hell. 

A powerful presence, invisible to the eyes but felt intensely by instinct, is always breathing on the neck. The sense of discomfort in being questioned is strongly present. 

The movie starts with a violent death. Thi, from the beginning, sets the tone of the narrative. Viewers get a clear msg about how gory and cruel it is going to be.  

There is an underlying reason that these kinds of movies are pretty much always a hit. The Franchise follows ideas and inspiration from the Splatter movies of the 80s.

It capitalizes on the inherent fascination that people have for gruesome torture scenes and the detailed portrayal of graphic violence. Spiral too falls in this category and has a sensation, almost overnight. 

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The Lone Wolf 

featuring zeke banks from spiral
Showcasing Chris Rocks from SPIRAL

Detective Banks, the protagonist (played by Chris Rock) is not the kind of character we see every day. Choosing a black hero, making him say all sorts of politically incorrect things, including misogynistic slurs, kind of gets under your skin.  

Article 8: In the name of duty

There is a constant reference to Article 8 in the movie. Though there was no direct explanation offered in the movie, it is not very hard to assume that Article 8 may be a code among the cops that refers to unlimited power and unquestionable authority to the cops. Under the leadership of Marcus( Samuel Jackson), cops were given the license to do whatever they wished to keep the streets clean. This led to a large number of cops who became dirty, committing crimes in the name of Duty. 

The issue of abusing power certainly hits a nerve, considering the ever-increasing number of accusations of police brutality and racist charges. The movie takes us back to the sinful past where performing duty meant simply killing criminals and no need for any sort of protocol. 

Being a cop is probably one of the most difficult jobs ever. You live your life on the job and get to see the blurry lines between right and wrong and life and death, things don’t seem simple anymore. When frustration and exhaustion are your daily companion, and cops getting lynched daily, this builds up a strong ominous tension on the force. 

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Jigsaw copycat

a still from spiral featuring zeke banks and william schenk
A glimpse from Spiral starring Chris Rocks and Max Minghella

Even though Jigsaw, the mastermind of all horrible things in the previous Saw movies, is dead, we have got a copycat here. So the methodical madness hasn’t stopped. 

The corrupt cops and an indifferent partial system provided the premise for the rise of the copycat killer. He simply has one mission — to eliminate dirty cops. The serpentine symbol he uses stands for change and evolution which seems to be closely relevant considering there is strong demand for the Reformation of the police force. 

The copycat killer seems to pay a tribute to John Kramer, the Jigsaw, by starting a new spree of killing. Kramer, when arrested, received huge public attention and his actions, instead of receiving hatred, became a sensation that was taken as a form of inspiration by the new generation of criminals. 

The Ending of SPIRAL

The previous Saw series used to have certain twists and turns at the end which would satisfy all the curious questions building up through the movie. In doing this Saw has established a pattern and Spiral follows the footsteps of its precursor. 

The psychology of murderers has always been a point of interest among the viewers. The climax is always meant for the antagonist to gain sympathy from the audiences. The movie does a pretty good job regarding this and at the same time, reminds us about the repercussions of abusing power. 

Release date of SPIRAL

The movie was released on March 14. 2021

Availability of SPIRAL

The movie was released exclusively in theatres. Now it is available on Amazon Prime Video. 


Spiral a in many ways is a true successor of the Saw — throne. But it also has attempted to pave a way for itself. Both these attempts are present in the movie. Chris Rock’s performance as a detective is really enjoyable. But sadly, Samuel Jackson who played the role of a veteran police officer as well as Chris’ father, feels somewhat underplayed.

The movie will be a great watch for anyone who has a strong predilection for bloody deaths, psycho murders and gruesome torture technique. So if you are a Saw fan, this just your cup of tea.

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