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Spiderman : Every Spiderman Spin-off Movie That Is In Development


David Mudd

Sony Pictures purchased Spider man screen rights from Marvel in 1998. It gave the studio access to many comic characters which is called as Sony Universe Of Marvel Characters.

Spiderman In Marvel Cinematic Universe

We got the first glance of Spiderman in MCU from Captain America Civil War as the fun-loving young kid from Brooklyn. He’s with Iron Man and fights against Captain America’s team. From that movie itself, we started loving spider man played by Tom Holland.

Spider Man: No Longer Be Featuring MCU??

Then we saw a movie about just spider man in 2017 Spiderman: Homecoming directed by John Watts. The film again was loved by fans and even more for Tom Holland.

After that we saw a solo movie of Spiderman in 2019 Spiderman: Far From Home. He’s seen fighting against Mysterio with mysterious backstory and elemental monsters.

Towards the end of far from home, we see spider man being framed for the destruction caused in Europe by Mysterio. The climax scene was something to dwell upon and to find out how Peter Parker will clear the air in the upcoming Spiderman movie.

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Every Spiderman Spin-off Movie That Is In Development

As Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding so is Sony’s Universe of Marvel characters. Let’s look into some of the spiderman spin-off movies that are currently in development.

Venom 2

Sony's Enigma 2021 Marvel Film: Release Date And Spider-Man Spin-Off Connects To Venom 2.

Venom is the first movie to be a part of Sony Universe. Tom Hardy stars the film. It was a huge hit, and of course, the studio is reprising the character for another run. Although critics did not well receive venom due to its sparse connection with spiderman, it was a box office hit. The movie is expected to release on October 2, 2020.

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3

The rift between Marvel and Sony was fearful for the fans. They were afraid that there wouldn’t be more spider man movies from Marvel. But the studies agreed on a deal for two more Tom Holland starrer spider man movies.

Spiderman 3, there’s no title officially given for the third part that is going to come up following the events of Homecoming and Far From Home. It is expected to hit theatres on July 16 2021.

Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse 2

2018 Into The Spider-Verse was a massive hit for Sony, and so the studio is coming with a part 2. Details regarding the second part of the fantasy sci-fi movie are scarce, but the official launch date is on April 8 2022.

Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the Hunter is a fictional character in Marvel Comics and is one of the frequent enemies of Spider-Man. Rumors suggest that Kraven will be hunting spidey along with his half brother in spider-man three as well.

Black Cat

Sony producer Amy Pascal reveals that Black Cat is still in works. Sony had a release date on February 2019 but a year has passed, and yet, now the movie seems to be in employment. The first Black Cat was introduced back in 1979.


Morbius will be the next vampire Spiderman villain to star in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. Jared Leto, who impressed all of us as Joker in Suicide Squad will play the title character of Dr Michael Morbius. The movie will release in July 2020.

There are a few more movies that will be coming up in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, like Silver Sable, Nightwatch, Silk, Jackpot, Madame Web and The Future. All of them are currently in development and details regarding the films are very sparse.