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Spiderman: BTS Secrets, Mysterio Could Have Been A Skrull

Okay, so here we present you some secrets from the Spiderman movie. The post-credit scene of Spiderman: Far From Home was more profound than we think. At the end of the film, we saw that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are not themselves; they are Skrulls.

We know about Skrulls from Captain Marvel. Skrulls can change their shapes and look like anyone. There are chances that Mysterio was too a Skrull. The powers that he has and the way he confused Peter, the chances are very high.

We saw a new character Mysterio in Marvel's Spiderman: Far From Home, the movie that showed us the Spiderman who can save the world alone. He always needed Iron Man, but this time, he was not around, he was not in the world. The movie is entertaining, and a bit emotional too. The action scenes are amazing also. 


Spiderman Far From Home Was One Of The Best Spiderman Movie:

After the Avengers: End Game, the MCU changed its timeline. Some of the superheroes died, Captain America retired, and now we have new and young heroes who will save the world.

Peter Parker, who was just a kid until the End Games, faced a significant loss by the death of Tony Stark. Tony was a father figure to Peter. Without him, he proves that he can save the world by himself too.

Spiderman 3


What Could Happen Next?

No one knows. Nick Fury was in a space ship with other Skrulls at the end of Far From Home, and we still are not sure why. There are chances that it is something related to Captain Marvel 2.

We know about the Skrulls through Captain Marvel, and then we saw then playing with Peter Parker in Far From Home. There are chances that we will understand why they did so in Captain Marvel 2.

Iron Man Is Always There For Peter

Iron Man, the man who made Spiderman who he is, who designed his suit, was not there in this movie. Tony died in End Game, and Peter had to do everything on his own, but he had the costume designed by him, and he used it in its best capacity. Tony is never away from Peter, he is always there.

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