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Spiderman: Andrew Garfield May Return To The Spiderman Franchise


David Mudd

You’ve seen Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland play Spiderman in different movies. While all three of them are great actors, which one of them is your favourite?

While you take your time to decide, the Chinese have made their minds. Moreover, Sony seems to have heard and agreed.

Spiderman 3

The Character Of Spiderman

The character of the fictional superhero in the Marvel comics is even older than we are!

Peter Parker, a young boy of New York, lives with his uncle and aunt after his parents die in a plane accident. The young Peter struggles with money crunch and adolescent issues until one day he is bitten by a radioactive spider. That bite turns Peter’s life around as he can now cling to walls, weave webs and detect threats with his newly-sharp senses.

The Return Of Spiderman

Since Marvel has given up the Spiderman franchise, Sony has picked it up and is excited about the production of the next movie.

As far as the cast of Peter Parker is concerned, there’s a rumour that Sony is possibly thinking of having Andrew Garfield return to the big screen as Spidey!

Isn’t that great news!

Although the production of the next web-slinger film is nowhere in the near future, the idea of seeing Garfield featuring in the movie if it happens is going to make a lot of fans happy, especially the Chinese.

A Possibility Of Spiderman-Spiderverse

If the thought of seeing Garfield return is appealing to you, you’d be overjoyed if the much-awaited merger of all the three heroes will actually happen, wouldn’t you? We feel the same away.

A project like that was in talks for a long time, until Marvel lost interest in Spiderman singles altogether, and focused all its attention on the Avenger movies.

But now that Sony has overtaken the Spiderman franchise, there’s every possibility of the merger happening. The merger would be super successful, as the fans of all the three actors are pretty high in number, and would never miss a movie like that.

Spider Man: No Longer Be Featuring MCU??

With that thought, we’re hoping very much to see the glorious return of Spiderman on the screen. For more news on the development, stay tuned with us.