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Spiderman 3: Zendaya Confirmed as Michelle MJ Jones In The Next Installment

Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting ready to kick off its phase 4. The first movie to be out is Black Widow. The other films are in various phases of filming and production. Peter Parker’s, Spiderman, status in Marvel Studios‘ cinematic universe was initially uncertain. Sony Pictures and Disney earlier concluded their partnership after Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Spiderman 3

However, after the massive negative reception to severing ties on their collaboration, the two studios came to a new deal. This deal allowed the current iteration of Spiderman to continue within the MCU realm. 

As far as the third Spiderman movie, starring Tom Holland is concerned, there is news. Read on to know more about it and the film.

Zendaya Confirmed as Michelle MJ Jones 

Good news for all the fans out there. In an interview with Inquirer, the star confirmed that Zendaya would be reprising her role as Michelle MJ Jones for the latest installment. The actor also mentioned that he is very excited to be working on Spiderman. Jones is the love interest of Peter.

This is also a relief for fans as the show. The franchise almost got canceled earlier. 

More About The Movie Spiderman



Filming for Spiderman will most probably commence in July. The rest of the cast has not been confirmed. Despite that, we know that the main characters will be returning.

In the previous film, Peter and MJ’s relationship developed. She revealed that she already knew he’s Spider-Man. So we will see more of the two in the new movie. 

Quentin, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, was seemingly killed off in the events of the last film. However, his actions are what will primarily drive the plot of the third film. While it has yet to be revealed who will be the evil villain in this one, Peter’s most significant task will mostly have to do with clearing his name as his secret identity has not only been out but compromised.

The new Spiderman movie seems promising, with our favorite cast returning. Although the release dates are very far off, we believe the film will be worth the wait. 

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