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Spiderman 3: Rumors Of Iron Man To Make A Cameo In The Next Film, Is RDJ Up For It


David Mudd

Spiderman Far From Home left us hanging and thinking that what might happen in the next part. We got to know that Nick Fury is using Skrulls to manage things on earth and that somehow connects Spiderman to Captain Marvel. Now, there are rumours that we will be able to see Iron Man in the next part of the Spiderman movie. If that is true, we are more than excited about it.

Will Robert Downey Jr. Take Up The Role?

We don’t think that there is any reason why Robert will say no to this role. Iron man was like a father figure to Spiderman, and now after End Game, Spiderman has to do everything alone. There are chances that things will either go into the past or Peter will subconsciously remember Tony. We are not sure about anything, but we sure are interested in knowing more about it.


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Will Captain Marvel Be There Too Spiderman 3?

When we saw Skrulls, we directly thought about Captain Marvel. So, are there chances that we will see a cameo by her as well. This will most probably take away Spiderman limelight but will make the movie bigger. Captain Marvel is strong, and she is intelligent too, and that is why Nick has trusted her the most. Captain American and Black widow are not there, and they need someone who can take responsibility. 

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Sony Almost Took Away Everything From Marvel Fans:

Last year Sony took away all the rights from Marvel that allowed them to use Spiderman in their movies. That news destroyed all the fans. This was something they were not expecting. Marvel had already released the report about their future projects, and people were already ready for 3rd installment of Spiderman. Finally, everything is fine, they are again on good terms, and the contract is back on. 


There is no information about anything related to the release date or the story. After far from home we are sure about one thing, Marvel is capable of using Spiderman in the best possible way. The way they made the last part and managed to make their Spiderman handling everything on his own. We are more than sure about their skills now.