Spiderhead: Best Characters That Make This Prison Experiment Even More Interesting!


David Mudd

Fans of Spiderhead on Netflix have a few characters to root for!

The sci-fi film Spiderhead, which debuted on Netflix on June 11, 2022, portrays a terrifying dystopian society in which the namesake prison is permitted to subject captives to dangerous experimental medications.

It’s not unexpected that the movie’s most engaging characters are frequently the defenseless detainees, like Miles Teller’s Jeff and Jurnee Smollett’s Lizzy, who just don’t deserve the horrifying treatment they receive from Chris Hemsworth’s pretentious Steve Abnesti.

Viewers also adore intelligent characters like Mark Verlaine, played by Mark Paguio, and Heather, played by Tess Haubrich. So, let’s take a look at the main characters who elevated the movie.

Chris Hemsworth as Steve Abnesti


Steve, the film’s main antagonist, is unquestionably the smartest character. He frequently uses the fictitious “Protocol Committee” as a pretext for his dubious treatment of the prisoners, but in reality, it was all part of his vision for Spiderhead.

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Although the method by which he even created several medications is never revealed, the reality that he made the whole thing conceivable more than suffices to demonstrate how intelligent he is. This serves to prove that achieving a strong Intellect doesn’t necessarily mean having noble intentions.

Mark Paguio As Mark Verlaine


Throughout the movie, Steve’s loyal helper is obedient primarily to the bad guy, but as he starts to doubt the bad guy’s judgment even during an experiment with Lizzy, some fissures begin to show.

Although Mark can be held accountable for believing Steve’s promises about trying to change the world, he eventually turns the situation around at the movie’s conclusion. The trustworthy assistant began working for the bad guy without realizing how damaging and terrible their investigations would be.

He is likable because of his bravery, and it’s also simple to cheer for him because he plays the outcast. Additionally, Mark forges real connections with prisoners, as evidenced by his encounters with Jeff when replacing his MobiPak.

Miles Teller As Jeff


Jeff’s viewpoint, which indeed was supportive to Steve, provides a terrifying dystopian view of the Spiderhead. Like everybody else, he follows Steve’s lies for the majority of the movie, however, he can’t shake the creeping suspicion that it’s not exactly right.

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Despite being the brave protagonist, Jeff has quite a few scenes in the movie that are exceedingly annoying to watch. Even though he doesn’t deserve Steve’s manipulation, it’s difficult to watch him respond with “acknowledgment” to the majority of the medications the enemy wants to try.

The degree of persistence it took Jeff to complete all of his tasks is astounding, particularly in light of the fact knowing that he was just using the mind-altering substance at the time.

Tess Haubrich As Heather


Heather was presented as a clever, and not quite as pretentious, figure who disobeys Steve’s orders completely.

Every encounter with Heather is instantly entertaining to watch due to her witty comebacks. In retrospect, Heather’s rebellion becomes even more significant because it turns out that even the Spiderhead was simply testing a mind-controlling substance called “B-6.”

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Despite being merely a supporting figure, she makes an impact because of her wit and occasional assistance to Jeff. With Heather’s unexpected and tragic death, which would be directly brought on by Darkenfloxx as well as her malfunctioning MobiPak, the film takes a strange turn.

Jurnee Smollett As Lizzy


Because of her lovely attitude and ultimate love towards Jeff, Lizzy is undoubtedly the first and most engaging character in a movie. Lizzy is still fascinating despite the tragic revelation regarding her past since it only serves to highlight how well she’s gone.

She had additionally shown that she has been observant, realizing right upon whether Steve’s jokes regarding “copper pots” should not take attention away from the reality that they have been prisoners under his authority.

Additionally, she recognizes Jeff’s request to be excused from the kitchen’s tasks as a sign that he may be upset by someone or something.

Trailer of Spiderhead!

These characters are just on another level, so let’s take a look at this trailer and get a clear picture of these creepy experiments.


What is the IMBD rating of Spiderhead?

The IMBD rating of Spiderhead is 5.4/10.

Who is the director of Spiderhead?

The film Spiderhead is directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Who did the Screenplay of the movie?

Rhett Reese as well as Paul Wernick penned the movie’s screenplay.


While simultaneously delving into a tale more about the prison system, consciousness, and the challenging choice to do whatever is right rather than what is convenient, Spiderhead largely maintains its ludicrous tone as well as deliciously amusing graphics.

In Maverick, Kosinski previously produced one of its year’s finest films, although, with the help of an incredibly engaging plot and superb all-around acting, Kosinski has produced one of the year’s best summer films for the 2nd in year.