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Spider-Man: MCU Scorpion Wants A Sony Standalone Movie


David Mudd

Michael Mando is interested to set on the SCORPION movie. Yeah, we found Mando in Spider-Man, Venom series. In the journey of Marvel comics, Mac Gargon Gargan set foot as the private investigator but and then he breaks into the Scorpion character. We may also see him in the Venom, and then in the Spider-Man.

Gargan is considered as one of the gangsters who meets with Vulture and his team on the Staten Island Ferry. And then proceeding a fight with Spider-Man, where Gargan is arrested and sent to prison.

Gargan Is Ought For Scorpion again (Spider-Man)

Tom Holland stars as Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN™: HOMECOMING.

As of now, Sony is busy making its own film Spider-Man and MCU too. Since, from the Venom, Sony holding on the Marvel characters tightly. We can have Venom 2, and Morbius out in reach to viewers in the last days of 2020, or early days of 2021. There is still have no picture clear statement over the movies after Morbius and Venom2. We can also expect that Song will again shake its hand with MCU by the Morbius.

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Mando unleashes his desire for a Scorpion movie over at Sony. Mando said:

“I definitely would. I think that would be fascinating – a detective who goes rogue. Mac Gargan kind of goes a little bit insane, and there’s also this other story where he becomes Venom as well. I think it’s a very, very rich character; it’s a dark character. And he’s a cop at the end of the day; he’s a detective. I think that’d be something that I would definitely be something I’d like to watch.”

Scorpion will share screens along with Vemon, Morbius if Sony and MCU meet with the Spider-Man movie. There is a fair chance for Mando as the Sony keens on Sinister Six. a month ago, Mando tweeted about the Scorpion role. But there are no particular details mentioned. If need to know more, you need to wait until the Homecoming villain is back on screens.