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Name an actor. Any actor. Yep, they ’ve been cast in the forthcoming Spider Man No Way Home( presumably). It can be delicate, at times, to keep track of the vast canonical array of Hollywood actors who have accepted a part in a ridiculous- book adaption, be it Marvel, DC or else.

With the forthcoming Spider- Man No Way Home, we ’re getting a sort- of remake of a threequel( the 2007 Sam Raimi film, Spider- Man 3; try to keep up), and as the ridiculous- book ouroboros continues to feast happily on its own tail, we ’ve taken it on ourselves to untangle the relatively amazing, completely massive cast of the new film.

 This investiture features Tom Holland as Peter Parker himself, as well as returning cast members Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Marisa Tomei of Spider- Man Far From Home, but the major talking points around its casting have been the return of several former Spidey villains and, er, other duplications of Spider- Man himself. Then’s everything you need to know.

The Title

 In February 2021, later much teasing, it was blazoned that the film will be named Spider- Man No Way Home, in keeping with the “ home ” theme of the former instalments. The name was blazoned via a teaser clip featuring Holland, Zendaya and Batalon.

Spider man cast

 The cast is as follows:

Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider- Man

 The first of the Spider- Man( that feels uncomfortable to write) to return to the film, Andrew Garfield, aka The Amazing Spider- Man, aka The One People Were n’t Too Keen On, has been verified as returning to the forthcoming Tom Holland interpretation.

So, we hear you ask, with further than one Spidey on the scene, how is that going to be squared? In short, by admitting and exploring the “ multiverse ”, the liar device that Marvel has long used to allow for multiple embodiers of the same character, like Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

We ’re not going to explain it then – other, nerdier spots can do that far better than we ever could – but rest assured, having further than one Spider- Man in the film makes sense according to the ballot’s own sense.

 Tobey Maguire as Spider- Man

 Still, also why not two? Maguire, who’s presently in accommodations to make an appearance in the film, If you can bring back one Spider- Man.

Assuming everything goes to plan, this gives us the fairly mouth- soddening occasion to see all three major performances of Spider- Man in the ultramodern period platoon up to take on a platoon of villains.

Spider man cast

 Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus

 Doctor Octopus has been a addict-favourite villain since he turned up in 2004’s Spider- Man 2, and Alfred Molina was verified to be reprising the part this week.

How that’s going to be squared, given he failed at the end of that film, is delicate to tell, but as is formerly clear, Spider- Man 3 does n’t appear to be too fussed about that kind of thing. Chances are, a certain MCU character with the capability to bend time and space might have commodity to do with it.

Internet buzz has also thrown up the suggestion that with the eventuality for all feathers of antagonists cropping up from different Spider- Man worlds, Doctor Octopus could be teed up to form the Sinister Six, a six-strong group of supervillains he heads in utmost of the ridiculous source material.

 Jamie Foxx as Electro

 Electro was arguably one of the weaker rudiments of 2014’s The Amazing Spider- Man 2, but more through a lack of characterisation than through any fault of b

So Foxx’s return, which was verified before this time, might offer a chance to develop the character into commodity further than a generically CGI- ed, shoots- lightning- from- his- hands villain.

Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson

 Kirsten Dunst has been verified to return to the new Spider- Man film as Mary Jane, who she played contrary Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker. Despite Zendaya’s recent part as MJ, the two are actually different characters rather than the same person in different worlds, though they both fill the part of love interest for Peter Parker.

Spider man cast

MJ, who was conceived as an original character in Spider- Man Homecoming and whose real name is Michelle Jones, has the same initials as Mary Jane in homage to the character.

 Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Emma Stone is reportedly presently in accommodations to return to the ballot as Gwen Stacy, which is particularly intriguing given the character’s death at the end of The Amazing Spider- Man 2.

Stacy, for those strange with the Spider- Man story, is Peter Parker’s original gal, who’s killed by the Green Goblin in a fall from a clocktower from which Spider- Man ca n’t save her. Stone’s take on Stacy was a highlight of the Amazing Spider- Man flicks, and her return to the ballot should be further than welcome.

 Benedict Cumberbatch/ Dr Strange

 In October, Benedict Cumberbatch was verified among Spider- Man 3’s cast as Doctor Strange. The egregious part he ’ll fulfil is that of Tony Stark and Nick Fury in the first two Tom Holland Spider- Man flicks independently, as the high- academy Spider- Man’s tutor.

Cumberbatch is also working on the Doctor Strange effect, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which gives you a hint as to how the crossover events in Spider- Man 3 might be explained.

 Spider- Man 3 is planned for release in December 2021.


Starring The film follows Peter Parker after the world finds out his superhero identity. Hoping to live in obscurity, Peter asks Doctor Strange to help and change the course of history.

Effects naturally take an unknown turn when the brace unintentionally break open the multiverse and villains from alternate realities start coming after Peter. Not only will we see old villains from the ballot coming back to hang the current Spider- Man aka Tom Holland, but we may indeed catch a regard of one of the former Spider- Mans.

Spider man cast

 Who’s Starring in Spider- Man No Way Home?

Tom Holland, Zendaya will duplication their places as Spider- Man aka Peter Parker and MJ independently. piecemeal from the couple, the film also stars Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds and Jon Favreau as Harold” Happy” Hogan and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

 How Long Is Spider- Man No Way Home?

The film reportedly has a duration of 148 twinkles, which is roughly 2 hours and 26 twinkles. This runtime also makes this film the fourth-longest MCU movie following the likes of punishers Endgame, Eternals and punishers perpetuity War.


 The film is set to release on 16th December in India! A day before its US release. Spider- Man No Way Home will also have an exclusive theatrical release for the time being. Although, Marvel may ultimately drop it on Hotstar Disney.

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