Spain's Vueling Airlines: Fast Facts, Booking Tips, and Flight Safety in 2023


Mohit Kamboj

Spain’s Vueling Airlines: Fast Facts, Booking Tips, and Flight Safety in 2023

Vueling Airlines is the biggest low-cost airline in Spain. It is located in Barcelona. Vueling Airlines was founded in 2004 and has since experienced rapid growth. Currently, the company serves numerous European destinations. Just so you know, Vueling Airlines operates flights not only from Athens but also from various Greek islands in Greece.

The company has various types of Boeing aircraft with different capacities. We took a flight from Athens to Barcelona on a bigger plane that had multiple emergency exits. On our return journey, we flew on a Boeing aircraft that could accommodate 180 passengers.

Vueling Airlines Website

The website of Vueling Airlines is very convenient and informative. It is available in multiple languages.

Please focus on the “TRAVEL” section. On this website, you can find more than just a regular flight search engine. You’ll also find a calendar that shows prices, a map with all the available destinations, and a schedule of arrivals and departures at the airports in Barcelona and Rome.

You can find all the information you need about baggage, passengers, flight status, and other useful details in the “TRAVEL INFO” section.

Make sure to look into the special deals available for families, including hotel reservations that include transfers.

How Do I Book a Flight With Vueling Airlines?

You can buy your tickets on the airline’s website or through a well-known search engine like

Simple, Optima, and Time Flex are the three types of prices.

Vueling Airlines Check-in Options

If you forgot to choose a seat when you booked your flight, don’t worry. You can check-in online anytime between 7 days and one hour before your flight.

You can check in your cabin bag for your convenience. You will need to pay 4 euros for each bag, and payment can only be made by card.

Vueling Airlines Flight

The flights went smoothly with no delays. During our flight to Barcelona, we were fortunate to have an empty seat in our row, which gave us plenty of space to enjoy our flight. The cabin crew was very friendly and spoke English well.

Just like with any low-cost airline, you have the option to purchase drinks, light snacks, or warm meals during your flight. Before we got on the plane, we bought snacks at a nearby cafe. We brought the snacks with us and ordered hot coffee once we were on the plane.

Is Vueling Airlines Safe?

The airline had a lot of flight cancellations in 2017, but they made changes to improve their operations. No major problems occurred. There were a few emergency landings, but thankfully no passengers were seriously injured.

Also, for your information, the average age of the airline’s aircraft is approximately 6.6 years, as per the statistics.


In brief, Vueling Airlines is a major Spanish low-cost carrier headquartered in Barcelona. Their user-friendly website offers convenient booking options and various pricing tiers. Flights are generally smooth, and safety records have improved since some 2017 cancellations. Vueling is a reliable choice for budget travelers.