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Spain Coronavirus : Spain Reports 500 Deaths Due To The Virus Overnight


David Mudd

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that originated from a market in Wuhan, China. The disease has already taken thousands of lives around the world. It’s been around four months, and it’s continuing to spread across the globe.

Coronavirus In Spain

The deadly disease worst hits China, but it seems like Spain have crossed the death toll of China.

The number of affected persons made a sudden jump to over 39,000 from 33,000 according to the health ministry. Spain is Europe’s second most affected county with the disease after Italy.


Italy is in a rough spot with people dying every single day. There are almost 2,600 deaths and around 40,000 confirmed cases all over Italy. But now Spain is also facing a tough situation.

Spain Reports 500 Deaths Overnight

There are a total of around 6,000 cases reported in Spain as of now. But the most devastating news is that the country experienced over 500 deaths overnight. It is one of the highest rises the country has seen since the disease began.

When there are more and more cases being reported every single day, the problem arises as there will be a shortage of doctors to treat every single one of them.

Healthcare and facilities will face a shortage to cope up with rising in the number of patients. As there are only supplement medicines for the disease, it is hard to cure it quickly also. Hospitals will be filled with patients, and there will be a day when there’s no room for more. Hence as citizens, it is our responsibility to take the situation up as a challenge and fight it.


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Coronavirus: Precautions

There are simple things we can do to avoid the virus entering and stop the outbreak. Nobody is asking you to climb a mountain or take a hundred squats, but all you need to do is sit at home. No matter what just be at home.

Coronavirus spreads when you come in contact with an affected person. So unless you don’t come in contact with a person who’s tested positive, you are safe. Hence avoid travelling and going out no matter what unless it’s for an emergency or something relevant.

It’s for your safety as well as for the people around you. Washing hands regularly have proven to be helpful so do that even if you are at home and especially if you are coming back from someplace.