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SpaceX: Starlink Beta Could Start In Three Months, According To Elon Musk


David Mudd

As of the reports, the SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk is up top and has a satellite internet service in 2020 to all its customers. The founder and CEO of SpaceX stated and shared much interesting news over the new invention. He tweeted on Twitter about the Starlink low-latency, high-bandwidth satellite internet service.

According to the tweet, the company is going to have a private beta for Starlink would begin in around three months and the public beta comes into action after wrapping out the private beta. This is going to expect after the three months of the release of the private beta.

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SpaceX: Releasing Its Private And Public Beta In Coming Months

As I stated earlier, the company is going to plan with three months lap between private and public beta release. As of Musk’s tweet, it is clear that the private beta version is available to all “high latitudes,” locating people. At the very most release, the Starlink is provided to Canada and in the northern United States in 2020. And the additional service that will expand will be for the entire world will be in 2021.

One of the tweets follows clarifying, the doubt of the existence of Germany in high altitudes, to Musk’s tweet. Then in response, Musk said “Yes, it does”, including Germany in high altitudes.

If we look into the last year’s tweet of the Musk, it includes the connection of the internet through Starlink satellites. The company came up with six batches of 60 satellites each used in establishing a network. And the small satellites work by flying around the Earth in low orbit, it helps in passing connections to one another satellite to hold on good connections on ground stations.


The SpaceX company needs to keep in mind the authorized security for Canadian users, by the Canadian government’s official website. And this pandemic brings delays and low rates of working to the company. Finally, the world is going to have high-speed broadband internet connectivity even in remote locations.