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SpaceX Fourth Prototype On Fire In The Failed Test


David Mudd

Everyone says that 2020 is the worst year in their whole life. Although, no one knows what are the things waiting for humans in the coming years. But for now, we can agree with the statement cause it is hard for everyone to live in 2020. After every failure and problem we saw in this year, the latest reports came out from the SpaceX next-generation rocket.

It said that it’s on fire. Yes, after everything we saw in a few months the next-generation rocket of SpaceX exploded during its fourth prototype test. The incident happened shortly before 3 PM ET on Friday. It happened at the static-fire test at the company’s development facility near Boca Chica, Texas.

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More Details About The Explosion


The Starship SN4 prototype was in a test chain for the past few weeks. It was going through routine stress tests. Besides, the vehicle was getting ready for the fifth fire test on Friday. And everything was going fine at first. Moreover, the exact reason for the explosion is unknown. But from the live footage of the explosion, it looks like a gas leakage happened just after the engine shutdown.

The leakage caused a big fireball to eat the whole prototype. Besides, the after-effects appears like it damaged the test site too in the big explosion.

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