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SpaceX: Elon Musk Says SpaceX And Tesla Are Working On Ventilators

SpaceX And Tesla Ventilators: When we are talking about high-tech and advanced technology, we cannot forget about the Aerospace and automobile industry. There are a few companies that are leading these sectors. SpaceX and Tesla are such two companies. On Friday, a day after New York City Mayor’s tweet, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX and Tesla are working on ventilators. And we need to take a look at it.


Space Exploration Technologies Corporation aka SpaceX is a private American company. It’s an aerospace manufacturer and space transport service company. Elon Musk founded this company on 6th May 2002 with a vision to reduce the cost of space transportation for enabling Mars colonization. SpaceX already achieved some great things. They produced advanced technologies like Dragon capsules, Merlin, Raptor and Kestrel rocket engines, etc. Also, their project Starship is under progress now.

SpaceX And Tesla Ventilators

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Tesla is another company owned by SpaceX. It created Tesla Roadster which is an electric sports car. Tesla Roadster eventually becomes an artificial satellite for the Sun, launched on 6th February 2018. This car, planted on the rocket’s second stage for acquiring enough velocity to escape Earth’s gravity. This velocity also helped the car in crossing the heliocentric orbit of Mars.

SpaceX And Tesla Ventilators

Elon Musk Announced SpaceX and Tesla Working On Ventilators

Coronavirus outbreak is having a great influence across the globe. On 18th March WHO stated that they are talking with companies like General Motors and ford. They want to ramp-up medical supplies, equipment including for the corona affected countries. On the same day, President Donald Trump published the Defense Production Act. He wanted to ensure that the private sectors for helping to manufacture and distribute medical emergency kits.

After those tweets, Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded to Musk for help. In response, Elon Musk announced that his SpaceX and Tesla employees are already working on ventilators for fighting against COVID-19. Though it is still unclear how many employees are working on this. Musk also tweeted that he hopes there will be no need for those ventilators. Some questions about the capacities and models of the ventilators are remains. And also the FDA needs to approve this equipment as well.

SpaceX And Tesla Ventilators

However, we need to keep patience till the next announcement or updates.

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