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Space Force: Upcoming Series On Netflix Gets A Release Date, All New Updates And Photos


David Mudd

Netflix will be bringing a new show Space Force for us recently. And that isn’t the best part. The best part is that it will have Steve Carell in it. The star is highly famous for his work as Michael Scott on the Office.

So fans are going crazy over it. And there are more reveals about the show. So we can have more information about it now. The Office has ended about a decade ago. So it is another moment for him to come back on the screen for his fans.

It will be great to see him. Even the showrunner Greg Daniels from the Office is going to be here. So, it will be even more interesting. The show has been announced since 2019.


Space Force

More About The First Look

Now the first look of the Space Force is released. So, we know that the TV series is going to eye a May 2020 release. And that is enough to get us all hyped.

Also, Netflix has released all the cast in the show now. So we know whos gonna be who. Carell will now again be playing a role in a workplace comedy.

We are all excited to see him in that role all over again. That will sure be interesting. This is going to be great.

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More About Space Force

Space Force is going to be a great show. It will be a funny take on President Trump’s space program. And this is where the series has taken its inspiration from.

Carell will be a pilot who wants to run the Air Force. He will then be appointed as the head of one of the branches of the US Armed Forces.

And this is going to be interesting. He will be aiming at making America ‘great again’. This will be done by trying to achieve space domination over the world. So Carell has a lot to ensure that it goes right.

More Details On This Space Force

Space Force
Space Force

Now we have some more looks for the show. We have about 12 images from the show. They depict the looks of the characters in the upcoming Space Force series.

Now the photos have just made the fans more curious about the whole thing. They are very interested in what is going on.

It will be streaming on the 29th of May this year. So stay tuned.