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Space Dandy Season 3- Plot| Cast| Release Date| Trailer And More

Space Dandy– is a Japanese comic science fiction anime television series. Do you like anime series? If yes, then this article is the best source for you.

This anime television series follows the misadventures of Dandy. The anime television series has been licensed by Funimation in North America, Madman Entertainment in Australia and Anime Limited in United Kingdom. If you haven’t enjoyed the first 2 seasons then you can check the IMDb rating of Space Dandy given at the end……..

The last episode of Space Dandy was seen 4 years ago by the fans. Now, all the fans (including me) are waiting for the 3rd Season. To give a full stop to your wait, I am going to give you some information related to this.

This article covers all the relevant information about the 3rd Season of Space Dandy like the storyline, the casting characters, upcoming date, the trailer etc.

Space Dandy Season 3

Space Dandy Season 3

Space Dandy Season 3 is a comedy science fiction anime series from Japanese comic fiction. It is produced and written by Bones and Masafumi Harada respectively. Here Dandy is an Alien hunter also known as, A Dandy Guy in Space. After watching the 3rd Season of Space Dandy, the memories of the 90s world will be brought back.

After reading the overview, I think it would be very hard for you to stop yourself to scroll down…..                                                                                                                         So, keep on scrolling down to gather more about the 3rd Season of Space Dandy.

The Storyline of Space Dandy Season 3|What Happens In It?

In the 3rd Season of Space Dandy, the story spins around an alien hunter whose name is Dandy. He does a job. His job is nothing else but to hunt the aliens in the galaxy.

Space Dandy Season 3

The 3rd Season will continue to reveal his misadventures that he does in the space with his team. Moreover, in Space Dandy Season 3 the fans will come to know whether Meow goes back to his family or not. Also, all the fans (including me) will find unique aliens in some galaxies with a lot of fun.

The opponent of Johnny of the Gogal empire plans some mischievous things for Dandy. In the 3rd season, we will get to know the interesting thing that how Dandy will stop him.

It’s time to know the name of leading characters that made it exciting for us. So, let’s have a look over it…..

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Cast/Characters of Space Dandy Season 3

We, as the fan know that characters play an important role in the success of any series. I’m going to share the names of the leading characters.

  • Ian Sinclair as Dandy
  • Alison Viktorin as the robot assistant QT
  • Joel McDonald as Meow advisor
  • J Michael Tatum as Dr. Gel
  • Micah Solusad as Dr. Gel’s assistant Bea
  • Jeremy Schwartz as Professor Duran

Above mentioned are the main characters of Space Dandy Season 3.

Don’t feel bored as I have interesting information for you regarding the upcoming date of the 3rd Season of Space Dandy.

When Space Dandy Season 3 Will Be On Our Screen? |Release Date of The 3rd Season of Space Dandy

Bones Studio premiered the show until 2021. In case they produced the series once more, they would only start working on it after 2021. Therefore, if the 3rd Season of Space Dandy will happen then the premiere might comes sometime around 2023.

space dandy In other words it is clear that, Space Dandy Season 3 will release any time in 2023. So, all the fans have to wait for approximately 2 years for the 3rd Season of Space Dandy.

Let’s enjoy the trailer of this comedian science fiction series to make your day enthusiastic.

The Trailer of The 3rd Season of Space Dandy

With the help of this video you will get to know more about the 3rd Season.

IMDb Rating of Space Dandy

We know that IMDb rating gives us the basic idea of the popularity of any series….. Space Dandy got 8.1 IMDb rating out of 10 that shows its popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Space Dandy Season 3?

Space Dandy Season 3 is a Japanese comic science fiction anime television series.

What is it about?

The series reveals the misadventures of Dandy who is an alien hunter.

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Final Words

Space Dandy Season 3 is one of the best television drama series that has good IMDb rating from the fans. This leads the need of 3rd Season of this series in all the fans. Here, the alien hunter named Dandy, Moreover in his job he only does hunting. These all things made it loving for all the fans (including me). But, we have to wait for it till 2023, which is disappointing for some of the fans.

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