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Kathryn Dennis and Naomie Olindo Give a Massive Surprise in Southern Charm Season 8


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Everything we know about the upcoming episode of Southern Charm Season 8, including the air date, actors, and storyline

Due in large part to the television show Southern Charm, the city of Charleston, South Carolina, is chock full of intrigue, despite its charming cobblestone lanes and pastel-colored homes. The mouthwatering reality show has officially returned for its eighth season, and among the new and returning cast members, we will see some familiar faces as well.

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Because it has been more than a year and a half since the debut of the previous season, there is a significant amount of information that we need to catch up on with the actors (further information regarding this will be provided shortly!). Following the conclusion of the show, there has been at least one new connection established, as well as a breakup of a long-standing friendship, and there has also been an engagement. Don’t worry, because when the events of season 8 unfold, we’ll get to watch everything that happens (and then some).

Prepare to find out what your favorite Southern socialites are up to in the state of South Carolina by pouring yourself a drink of sweet tea (or maybe something a little stronger…) and getting ready to read about it. Here is everything that we know about the eighth season of Southern Charm.


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Release date for the eighth season of Southern Charm

On Thursday, June 23, at 9 o’clock Eastern Time, Bravo broadcast the opening episode of the eighth season of Southern Charm. This means that the second episode will be available on Bravo on June 30. New episodes will air weekly at the same time in the same location.

Cast of Characters for Season 8 of Southern Charm

Shep Rose, Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, and Madison LeCroy have all confirmed their participation in the upcoming eighth season. Although reports and the photographs that Kathryn has deleted from Instagram suggest that she and Chleb Ravenell are no longer together, Kathryn has a new beau named Chleb Ravenell (opens in new tab). In addition, returning cast members include Leva Bonaparte, Venita Aspen, Taylor Ann Green (Shep’s girlfriend), and John Pringle, all of whom debuted in the previous season. Olivia Flowers, who is said to be Austen’s girlfriend, and Marcie Hobbs, who is Shep’s younger cousin, are the two newcomers that have been added to the cast.

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Naomie Olindo is the only other cast member who did not participate in the previous season and who did not make their debut in this one. She is not a rookie. As Craig’s girlfriend, she made her debut on Southern Charm in season 3, which was her first season overall. On the Bravo show, we haven’t seen her since the sixth season. If you have been following the owner of the French online fashion brand, you are aware that in 2021, she went to New York City with her partner at the time, Metul Shah. This information is known to you if you have been keeping up with her. She is currently reuniting with her former and present castmates in Charleston, where she formerly lived.


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The storyline for Southern Charm season 8

This season, you should be prepared for a complex network of ties to intersecting with one another. It seems that Craig and Naomie have found their way back into the same social circle, which would be perfectly OK if he were not currently seeing Paige DeSorbo from Bravo’s Summer House. Paige pays a visit to her boyfriend, with whom she has a relationship, and during their conversation, they discuss how “it is wrong to spend out one-on-one with an ex while you are dating someone else.” But if we are to believe what we see in the teaser, Paige may have good reason to be concerned because Craig reveals that he and Naomie aren’t only former lovers; rather, they had a one-night stand “recently.”

We saw a glimpse of some tears on Taylor’s end, which suggests that the honeymoon phase of Shep and Taylor’s relationship may be coming to an end. Shep is still in a relationship with Taylor. Austen also has a new girl in his life named Olivia, and he may be looking at conflict with his ex-girlfriend Madison, who just got engaged recently. Olivia is a new addition to his life. It would imply that we will be given insight into Kathryn and Caleb’s relationship, including any arguments that may have contributed to the couple’s decision to part ways.

There is unquestionably a tense situation with their companions of Austen. Shep exclaims “Austen, you’re a ****ing joke” and “I can’t believe I’m sharing oxygen with you!” in one of the trailer clips, and we show him and Craig getting into a physical argument in another one of the trailer clips. We have a sneaking feeling that the conflict between Shep and Austen is related to Austen having a private conversation with Taylor about “just the way he talks to you sometimes.” Shep and Austen have been feuding.

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Naturally, Southern Charm would not be the same without Patricia Altschul’s home as the setting for a few of the dinner parties. Because Michael the Butler experienced a stroke in his spinal cord earlier in 2021, we will be deprived of seeing him make her famous martini throughout this season. We are really sorry about this. Whitney Sudler-Smith, her son, will be appearing on the show, so we will get to see him.

Trailer for the eighth season of Southern Charm

There are two things concerning the actors on Southern Charm that can be said with absolute certainty. To begin with, they are well-versed in the art of dressing elegantly and glamorously for formal occasions. And two, they are able to set aside any Southern manners that may have in order to produce some television that is interesting for us to watch.