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South Dakota: Smithfield Pork Plant In South Dakota Linked To The Majority Of The State’s Cases


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There has been a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus cases all across the world in South Dakota also. Countries are adopting the strategy of complete isolation and lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus further.

While all of us are desperately waiting for the harsh times to go away. Sadly, new hotspots of the covid-19 are being discovered.

The recent one is the Smithfield Pork plant in South Dakota. The plant has attracted a lot of attention as it emerges one of the biggest hotspots in the states.

Investigation And Findings ( South Dakota )

 South Dakota There has been a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus cases all across the world in South Dakota also. Countries are adopting


A group of medical professionals and health officers visited the place. They immediately took charge after receiving the suspect for the case. To everyone’s astonishment, 100s of people at the plant reportedly are effected with the novel coronavirus.

It has come to light that the workers were being forced to go to work despite the illness. The number of cases saw a sudden leap of eighty in a day while the total number of instances mount up to 598.

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Management’s Response ( South Dakota )

The workers are mostly immigrants and speak over eighty different languages. They had been requesting the management repeatedly for safety gear and temperature checks. But the administration had ignored their demands.

The management had only implemented the safety regulations, and protective gear later. This was after dozens of workers are tested positive. But it was too late. Due to the outbreak, meat plants across the country remain closed.

Since the decisions weren’t timely, the situation has gotten out of control. And in other words, the damage cannot be undone. But we can make sure that we are following the safety norms. This will help prevent further spread of the disease.


South Dakota

WHO has released the guidelines about precautions and safe practices we all must incorporate. You can read the instructions at the link mentioned below.

WHO: Advice For Public

We hope all of you are safe at home. Please follow the good hygiene practices. Stay tuned for more updates about the coronavirus. Also stay updated about the trending news. Check out our top trending news.

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