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Soulja boy Dating Jackie? Are They Both Expecting a Baby Boy?

Before it became a top one hit in the United States for 7 non-consecutive weeks beginning in September 2007, the song was originally self-published on the internet.

The songs he's most famous for are mostly found in hip-specialized hop's subculture, and everyone knows them. On the list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings, the rapper earned $7 million in 2010 and was ranked 18th.

It was recently revealed that he had long desired something to come to pass.


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Soulja Boy Expecting Baby

Yes, that's correct! That is the central theme of the entire play. Soulja Boy is expecting his first child, which will be a boy, according to reports.

On his Instagram account, the rapper posted a video of himself and his close friends, including the baby's mother, celebrating the gender reveal together.

Additionally, the caption stated, “It's a Boy.” When the gender reveal was announced, Soulja Boy was happy and overjoyed since he had always craved a boy and now his dreams had come true.

Soulja Boy embraced the Baby Mama as soon as the gender reveal was announced and the colour blue could be seen everywhere. And we can see how pleased he was, as well as how he couldn't keep a smile off his face.

He even kissed the mother of the infant. But who is the BabyMama in this storey? Please take a moment to watch the adorable video embedded below before continuing.


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Draco's comment area is literally bursting at the seams with heartfelt congrats and kind comments.

Many people also pointed out that he is the first rapper to make a gender reveal and to have a son, both of which are firsts in the music industry. Take a look at the image below to see what I mean. The lovely baby bump, of course. That's really cute.

Who Is Soulja Boy's Current Relationship With?

Did you search high and low for information about Soulja Boy's current relationship and the identity of the Baby Mama? And now you've made it to this point. To begin with, Soulja Boy has kept the name of his current partner a closely guarded secret.

Social media, on the other hand, never fails to speak for itself. However, despite the fact that the Baby Mama was featured in the video, she was not tagged in the video nor mentioned in the comments area that followed it.

A little research, on the other hand, can occasionally provide a pleasant surprise. Along with the announcement of the baby's gender, the identity of the baby's mother has been revealed.

Soulja Boy is currently under the care of a celebrity hairstylist by the name of ‘Jackie.' She also holds a licence as a cosmetology technician.


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What evidence do we have that Jackie is the Baby Mama?

This is due to the fact that some of Jackie and Soulja Boy's close friends complimented them on their achievement. With the caption ‘It's a boy,' Jackie also uploaded the same gender reveal video with the same message.

Jackie's friends have also congratulated her on her achievement in a similar manner. See for yourself in the video below.

Soulja Boy Commented On Jackie’s Gender Reveal Post

If you watched the video but did not go through the comments, we will do it for you at no additional charge. Jackie's gender reveal video drew the attention of Soulja Boy.

The use of emojis in the message inspired Jackie to respond to Soulja Boy with a love and kiss emoji in the shape of a blue heart.

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In addition, Soulja Boy did not publish the labelled storey of his and Jackie's congratulations on the baby, but Jackie did share some stories from her friends on social media.


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Everyone is ecstatic as a result of the excellent news.

Soulja Boy Always Wanted A Son

The rapper has indicated a desire to have a son at some point in the future. Earlier this year, he stated on his Instagram Stories that he has everything, except for a son.

“I have everything I desire in life, except for one thing: a son,” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “Please, God, bless me; I've been really patient.” His perseverance looks to have been amply repaid in a spectacular fashion.

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