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Soul: Pixar Movie Reportedly Postponed To Fall


David Mudd

Disney Pixar’s Soul is the latest movie that the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has pushed back. It joins a whole host of other films across Hollywood that have had to do the same.

Soul Now Has A Fall Release Date

The movie’s original release date was June 19, 2020. However, it’s moving all the way from the summer to the fall. It will now come out on November 20, 2020, instead. That release date originally belonged to Walt Disney Animation’s Raya And The Last Dragon. It’s no longer occupying that Thanksgiving slot, though and is moving to March 12, 2021, instead.

Soul features a stacked voice cast. Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey are the biggest names on the list, but Questlove, Phylicia Rashad and Daveed Diggs also lend their voices to the movie. The story follows Jamie Foxx’s character of Joe Gardener. He’s a middle school teacher who has aspirations of becoming a professional jazz musician.


Jamie Foxx And Tina Fey Star In Soul

He gets his opportunity to make it big, too, as he’s set to be the opening act for the Half Note Club. However, he gets into a life-threatening accident before he gets there. So, his soul leaves his body and ends up in the You Seminar. This is the place where souls develop their passions before their transfer to a newborn child.

Joe learns that he’s not actually dead, though, and he requests Tina Fey’s character’s help to get him back to his body. Sounds like a typical Pixar film.


The Coronavirus Has Caused Numerous Delays

In order to combat the coronavirus, governments around the world ordered for public places to be closed. Movie theatres happened to be among first such places that had to shut down.

Other studios have adopted a more novel approach to these theater closures. Instead of delaying their movies, they’re releasing them digitally at the same time. Universal Studios was one of the first to do this. They released recent movies like The Invisible Man on VOD to let people rent them at home. They also delayed A Quiet Place Part II from March 20, 2020, to September 4, 2020.


Disney themselves made Frozen II available on their streaming service Disney+ months before their original plan. They did have to bite the bullet and delay much of their Phase 4 slate for the MCU, including Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.