Who Were Sophie Habboo Ex Boyfriends? Discovering Her Love Life And Marriage To Jamie Laing!


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There was a list of Sophie Habboo Ex Boyfriends before she got married. Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo have gained popularity in the United Kingdom as a result of their presence on Made in Chelsea. They just had a magnificent wedding ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall. Their path to happiness is now together. But Sophie was previously in a relationship with Jamie’s best friend, Sam Thompson, and they didn’t confess their feelings for each other until they were on the show.

Sophie Has A List Of Alleged Affairs

Sophie Habboo aka “Habbs,” joined the cast of Made In Chelsea in season 16. It aired in 2018. She swiftly rose to prominence on the show. She had romantic relationships with numerous of her co-stars. Alex Mytton, a DJ with many affairs throughout his time on the show, was her first on-screen boyfriend.

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Habboo and Mytton dated throughout the majority of Season 16 and remained together at the end of the show. Their love did not continue off-screen, and they split up during the Christmas holidays. Mytton later informed t they were no longer romantically involved and that their romance had ended.

What Do We Know About Sophie Habboo?

Sophie Habboo rose to prominence after appearing on Made in Chelsea: Croatia. She is a successful entrepreneur who developed the jewelry line NU & MII and co-owns the Gi Swim bikini brand with her sister. She also made an appearance on also The Chris and Rosie Ramsay Show. Sophie has a sizable social media following, particularly on TikTok, where she is well-known for her fashion videos.

Sophie’s Dating Life

Sophie Habboo is currently in a nice relationship with Jamie Laing. Sophie dated a few guys before Jamie. We don’t know much about him or why they split up, but he wasn’t the only man.

sophie habboo ex boyfriends

 Sophie Dated Alex Mytton

Sophie Habboo became a part of Made In Chelsea during the 14th series and had a relationship with Alex Mytton. Their romance ended during Christmas, which was revealed by Sophie during the ‘Christmas Ding Dong’ Reunion episode. She mentioned that they were just friends now. Their relationship fizzled out during the festive period.

Alex Mytton, one of Sophie Habboo’s ex-boyfriends. Mytton was a former cast member of Made in Chelsea, where he worked as a DJ till 2021. While Sophie and Alex were supposedly dating, it appeared like their connection was more casual than serious. Sophie denied any romantic relationship and stated they were simply friends, but their fans thought differently. Despite their rumored romance, their connection ended around Christmas

Sophie Habbo Dated Harvey Armstrong

Sophie Habboo had a brief romance with Harvey Armstrong. He was also a cast member of Made in Chelsea. Along with being on the show, Harvey is also a chartered accountant and runs a company called “The Innovative Brewing Co.” However, their relationship ended after just one week.

Sophie Dated Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson, one of Sophie Habboo’s previous lovers. He earned a sizable fan base after finishing third in Celebrity Big Brother. Sophie and Sam started dating in the middle of 2018. They split up six months later for unknown reasons. Sophie later revealed that Sam was extremely attentive, something she found difficult to deal with at the time. She also stated that she prefers independence in a partner, So the connection ended. Despite the breakup, Sophie praised Sam. She told that he was one of the nicest guys she’d ever met, but he wasn’t the right match for her.

Sophie And Jamie’s Timeline

Jamie and Sophie had been dating for four months. But Jamie cheated on her by sleeping with another person on the same day he slept with her. Sophie was upset and accused Jamie of being a “mean person”. She confronted him and reveals that she has recorded their chats. Sophie forgave Jamie despite her anger, Finally, they continued their relationship, with Jamie resolving to work on his infidelity.

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In a February 2021 interview, Jamie Laing shared certain information about his home life with his partner, Sophie Habboo. He claimed that he feels most comfortable naked at home, but Sophie may disagree. The couple lives in a two-bedroom leased flat in west London, which they use to separate when they dispute.

sophie habboo ex boyfriends

Despite the lack of outside space, the location in Notting Hill provides access to a wonderful community vibe, cool stores, great cocktails, and food, including Mazi, a delicious Greek restaurant. Jamie and Sophie recently announced their engagement on Instagram, expressing their joy at the prospect of spending the rest of their lives together.

Jamie And Sophie Are Finally Married

Jamie and Sophie performed a private wedding ceremony in Chelsea Town Hall in South West London before their large wedding celebration in Seville in May 2023. Sophie wore a Vivienne Westwood little dress and sunglasses, while Jamie wore a double-breasted navy suit. They celebrated with a supper with their friends and family. There was obviously love in the air!

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