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Sony’s Spider-Verse Has A New Dumb Name


David Mudd

You’d have thunk that we had seen the last of Sony’s stupidity when North Korea hacked the studio and leaked thousands of emails, but their ineptness continues to provide us with good laughs even now.

From green lighting The Emoji Movie to floundering the potential of Spider-Man twice, the studio has done it all. So it isn’t really surprising that they would try to make a Spider-Man universe WITHOUT Spider-Man actually in it.

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Ever since the success of the MCU, Sony has been desperately trying to create their own shared universe with little success. Completely missing the point of taking the time to build their universe and telling good stories by trusting the director’s vision, the studio just can’t hit the mark. What’s more hilarious is what they chose to name their universe; a couple of years after naming their shared-universe “Sony Universe Of Marvel Characters” or SUMC for short, they have now renamed it to “Sony Pictures of Marvel Characters.”



They’re Sony (Pictures), that’s why.

They’re Calling It SPUMC … No Joke!

Do they intentionally want us to laugh at them? SPUMC is definitely that. It’s almost as if they saw that “MCU” has become a widely-used phrase in the pop-culture; so they wanted to emulate that. And boy, are the results hilarious! The folks who headline the studio most likely make millions and this is the creativity they have to show for.

I mean, in all fairness, the title is at least represents Sony’s intentions with the characters. A soulless corporate product with little to no understanding of what makes the source material tick.

From their reactionary approach to making Venom R-Rated, it’s all very telling. Also side note, what is up with their management. Venom was poised to be rated R after Deadpool’s success but they backed out last minute. Venom 2 was supposed to be rated R after Joker’s success, but they backtracked after the Harley Quinn movie flopped.


If Sony’s execs are that incompetent at deciding how to rate a movie, it is just a testament to their lack of confidence and inability to understand or respect the source material.