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Sony: Sony Use AR Application To Check If The TV Fit In Your Room


David Mudd

Augmented Reality (AR)is helpful in many ways in many regions. Used in every kind of industry for different purposes. Most of us have experienced while shopping that people become not sure if the thing they about buy will fit in their available space perfectly. Moreover, it is mostly seen while purchasing technical things like TV, fridge, etc.

However, we can fit anything other than a big and expensive TV anywhere. Only we have to do is make some space at any perfect corner in the house. But TVs are mostly bought to keep in a place where all the stares go first. So, it will be a mess if you bought a bit larger or smaller TV instead of one with actual size. For that Sony is rolling out an AR app in which you can check whether the TV fit in your space.

Envision TV AR Archives -

More About The AR Application

Sony is trying to solve this issue using AR technology. The Envision TV AR will be available for both Android and iOS. All you have to do is select any model and size from the catalog. The app uses the virtual space to check if it fits in there. Although, an iPhone 6s or Android phone capable of AR tech with Oreo or later versions is required.

This will surely make the purchasing of TV much easier. Even though it is a Sony application, you can use the size ratios to check with other brands too. Besides, you don’t need to take the pressure of limited space when you are back home with a brand new TV.

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