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Sony: Sony Plans On Buying Metal Gear, Silent Hill And Castlevania


David Mudd

Social Media and enthusiasts are on fire with the expectations about a piece of big news. The conjecture is that Sony is going to have Silent Hill, Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid from Konami.

There were rumors about Sony is developing and funding new Silent hill titles. All those detonations declared that the Japan giant was licensing the rights to the survival horror series.

The news is not yet official. But there is much desirous thinking going on with these rumors. It includes that the Castlevania receiving a Bloodborne-Esque reboot at Sony’s Japan studio. If it happens.


That will be a piece of good news for enthusiastic people around the globe. Reports show that Sony is hoping for a remake with Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. They also need a reboot for the Silent hills series. That is also with Kojima.

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If the rumors are true, Kojima would work on the Silent Hill together with Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Siren and Silent Hill and The lead concept artist for “The Evil Within Series” Ikumi Nakamura. A full reboot from Sony can be expected. That may be happening with the help of experts, Koji Igarashi and Shutari Lida.

The art director of the Silent Hill 2 Masahiro Ito was working on a mysterious project. All these news spread together with rumors about multiple Silent Hill games were in the work. It may also include a soft reboot.


However, Hideo Kojima already hinted many times during the past year about some Silent Hill works that are going on in his own Kojima Productions. Konami also confirmed that they are looking for a new way to deliver new Silent Hill.

However, still, there are no official confirmations or reports about anything yet. But the news keeps saying to us that if these happen, then we will get to see two remakes of Metal Gear games along with a Castlevania Reboot.