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Sony: Sony Declares $10M Fund To Help Indie Game Developers Impacted By COVID-19


Sony declares a 10 million dollar fund to help Indie Game Developers. Also, read-ahead how the coronavirus pandemic has affected game developers and gamers around the world.

Impact Of Coronavirus Outbreak On Game Developers

The coronavirus outbreak has sent more than half of humanity into lockdown. Furthermore, music concerts, sports, award ceremonies, etc are called off. Also, the E3 Summit 2020 is canceled.

E3 Summit is a platform where game developers introduce their new games and updates to people. Furthermore, the Summit is globally broadcasted. It takes place in San Francisco, United States.

Also, many upcoming new game developers are dependent on such summits and events to promote their new video games. However, in the absence of the same, it becomes difficult for them to promote their hard work.

Who Are Indie Game Developers (Sony)

They are individuals or a small group of people who use their resources to develop an application. Also, they do not work for or under any organization. But they can identify themselves as studios and work.

Also, Unity is the most popular game engine that indie game developers use. It allows them to create both 2D and 3D video games. Moreover, Unity offers a great range of tools and features.

A solo indie game developer earns somewhere between 11,000-13000 dollars. But if you work in a crew, income is around 50,000-60,000 dollars per year. Also, game programmers earn the most. They can earn 90,000-95,000 per year depending on their skills.

Furthermore, the games indie developers can take years to make. Some might take months, days or even hours. It all depends on the complexity of the game. Also, the more the available resources and tools, the faster will be game development.

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Sony Declares 10 Million Dollar Fund

The small indie game developers are having a hard time right now. Due to the cancellation of gaming conferences and summits, they are having a hard time to promote their games. Furthermore, indie gamers depend on these events to raise funds and attract investors.

Moreover, it helps them to develop public recognition. Therefore, Sony has declared a 10 million dollar fund to support the indie game developers until the pandemic goes on.

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