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Sony: Sony Contributed Greatly Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak To The Global Fund Along With Free Game Offerings

Not every hand is a helping hand,  still there few hands born for helping others.

As we all know the entire world is facing deadly nightmares. The virus born in Wuhan spreads widely, fastly, and crosses many nations.

Now, the world needs a helping hand whoever facing difficulties like for food, livelihood, and all. Since, now many reputed companies like Tesla, Google, Amazon gave their tribute to help people in need.

Now, Sony also joined this list, by showing a wide heart.

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Sony Waved A Helping Hand


After Netflix, Facebook contributes its fund to the world who faced troubles in this pandemic.

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Sony also waved a hand, to contribute its help, to people in need. Sony nearly spends $100 Million globally towards the relief fund for Coronavirus. Sony named it as, “Sony Global Relief fund” for COVID-19.

To whom this fund benefit Well, if we talk about the benefits of the fund then the fund mains for three kinds of people. Namely, health professionals, children, and educators who work in remote areas, including this it is also helping entertainment industry workers, who work on daily wages.

Yeah, helping in need is the best policy ever. And if you think it is just helping in giving away funds, then you are wrong. Let's have a sweet tooth, because As Sony is launching the free games to all its users.

‘Play At Home' 

Yeah, Sony never discourages its users, and in this quarantine, Sony wraps out with the “Play At Home” feature. Through this feature, one can play games for free, even though you are not a subscriber you can still access the games.

What's in the new feature? Well, if you are a PS4 user, then you can access to both Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Sony: Sony Contributed Greatly Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak To The Global Fund Along With Free Game Offerings

Coming to Uncharted Collection, it includes Nathan Drake’s adventure: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception.

Sounds good right! So whats wait for then, enjoy the game to peaks..

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