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Sony: Sony Accused Of Selling Stolen Artwork On PS Store And PS4


David Mudd

We all know about Sony Entertainment’s PlayStation series. It is a well known and familiar name to all game lovers. Millions of people are using PlayStation as their gaming platform. But recently, a serious matter comes up. Sony has been accused of selling stolen artwork for the PlayStation Store and PS4. Let’s see what we’ve got.

PlayStation Store 

We know about PlayStation already, but we need to know about the PlayStation Store too. PlayStation Store is like a digital media store where users can find the PlayStation network like PS3, PS4, and PS Vita Consoles. Sony Interactive Entertainment developed this media store. They launched the PlayStation store on 11th November 2006. People can find platforms like PS3, PS4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Internet Browser, PlayStation app in this store.

This store also allows both purchasable and downloadable content including games, playable demos, games and movie trailers.

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Accusation On Sony Entertainment (Sony Accused of Selling)

A Czech anime artist accused Sony Inc. of selling a piece of artwork that was stolen from him. The artist’s name is “liah0227”. He also claimed that Kingdom Media LLC took the credit for the art. After the tweet that liah0227 posted, they tried to reach authority but didn’t get any reply from them.

The artwork which is the main reason for this accusation is “Anime School Girl Avatar”. PlayStation Network Developers uses it for both commercial and non-commercial reason. But there is also a point that liah0227 doesn’t have a copyright on it. So, The Copyright may get seriously messy and can be dragged far if Media LLC doesn’t step down.

Sony Accused of Selling

Though it is not the first time that something like this happened to the company. In 2019, Sony’s PS4 was accused of a plagiarized ad.  But we all know that the verification process is becoming more and more difficult. The amount of content on the internet is increasing day by day.

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Conclusion (Sony Accused of Selling) 

Plagiarism is a common thing in the internet world and this not the only example of it. But luckily, despite this mess, Liah0227 got his copyright over the artwork. Sony decided to pull down the art from PlayStation as soon as possible.  But it is still visible on the network for now.

Sony Accused of Selling