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Sony: PS5’s Approach Is Far Different Than The PS4


David Mudd

Sony seems to be handling the launch and unveiling of the PS5 far, far differently than they handled that of the PS4. This is a bit surprising, considering the fact that Sony did basically everything right with the PS4. It’s difficult for fans to wrap their heads around why we’ve seen so little of the console.

Microsoft Has Revealed A Lot Of The Series X

What makes it even more bizarre is the degree of openness that Microsoft has shown with their Xbox Series X. To start with, they showed off the console’s design in full at The Game Awards in 2019. Since then, we’ve received a full breakdown of the console’s capabilities from Phil Spencer himself.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Microsoft has shown the Xbox Series X inside and out. Keep in mind, the Xbox Series X isn’t going to come out until holiday 2020.

Contrast that with Sony’s almost frustratingly slow approach with the PS5, and Sony’s deficiencies become even more obvious.

Playstation 5

Sony’s Approach With The PS4 Worked Really Well

This is surprising, too. Sony was so fast out of the gate with information about the PS4. They had a massive reveal event for the console in February itself. Here, they discussed tech specs, showed off games, showed what the box would look like, and revealed the price.

It’s also worth mentioning that when Microsoft announced the Xbox One, they unveiled a huge set of restrictions on used games. These restrictions were legendarily unpopular among the gaming community.

This gave Sony an easy head start. All they had to do to win over the hearts and minds of consumers, was to not do what Microsoft had done. Their hilarious gag about how used games would work on PS4 is still one of the greatest takedowns in the history of the internet.

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Sony Has Revealed Some Info About The PS5


So, why’s Sony dragging their feet with the PS5? One explanation could be that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all their plans. While that’s still likely to be true, it doesn’t explain the complete lack of information from Sony’s side for consumers.

We do know some cool details about the console. Mark Cerny gave a presentation that detailed all of the PS5’s capabilities. However, that was a presentation he had prepared for developers specifically, at the cancelled GDC 2020 event.

Beyond that, we know what the PS5’s controller will look like. They’re calling it the DualSense controller, and it features a unique, two-tone design. That’s our best glimpse at the PS5 so far. We still may have to wait a while before we get something more concrete.

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