Everything We Know Song Hye Kyo Dating History


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Song Hye Kyo’s real-life partners, who range from co-stars in Descendants of the Sun and The Way They Live to Hyun Bin from The Way They Live, have led K-drama fans to assume that it is difficult not to fall in love with Hye Kyo after filming a serial with her amazing beauty!

Song Hye Kyo Dating History

One of the most prominent faces of the South Korean film industry, Song Hye Kyo often gets wrapped up in relationship rumors but here we are taking a look at her dating history with K-drama stars which was confirmed by her agencies.

Song Hye Kyo Dating Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, who both appeared in the 2008 drama The Way They Live, were the subject of several dating rumors. Later, the agency revealed that the two actually dated, delighting fans of the on-screen couple. Sadly, the joy did not last long as Hyun Bin’s media company, AM Entertainment, revealed the couple’s separation in 2011, citing problems brought on by their hectic schedules. The pair decided to split up due to tension brought on by the intense amount of media attention and their incredibly busy lifestyles.

Song Hye Kyo Dating History

The agency also claimed that Hyun Bin and Hye Kyo kept up their friendly relationship even after their relationship ended since they had to choose the best moment to tell the news. Hyun Bin enrolled the same year, but the agency didn’t announce his enlistment until it was verified.

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In the 2008 KBS2 drama The World They Live In, Hyun Bin and Song Hye-Kyo became friends. The drama focused on the professional’s conflicts and alliances in the incredibly quickly industry as it portrayed the lives and work of a television network producer. As the two main characters, Song and Hyun both played producers of television drama series. Despite romance rumors swirling ever since the drama began airing, the couple didn’t officially announce their union until August 2009. However, according to their respective companies AM Entertainment and Eden Nine Entertainment, the couple split up before Hyun enlisted in the military in March 2011.

Song Hye Kyo Dating Lee Byung Hun

The beginning of Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun’s relationship dates back to 2003 when the young actress Hye Kyo co-starred in the drama All In with the actor. After some time, they spoke clearly about their connection. However, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun ended their relationship after just 13 months of dating, apparently due to hectic schedules.

One of Korea’s finest actors, Lee Byung-hun, was Song’s first boyfriend in the public eye and possibly her most well-known ex.
They co-starred in the 2003 SBS drama All In, which was centered on the true story of Korean poker player Jimmy Cha and featured a love between a professional poker player and a casino dealer. The drama’s plot and daring bedroom scenes with the couple both contributed to its enormous popularity. Despite their 12-year age difference, the couple exhibited excellent chemistry, and more than 47% of people watched the wildly popular drama. Lee was able to take home the SBS Grand Prize that year thanks to the drama.

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Song and Lee were not afraid to publically proclaim their affection for one another, unlike many other stars at the time.
According to a source in Joongang Ilbo, Lee told local reporters during a promotional trip to Taiwan that his life’s mission was to make sure Song was happy. In her Best Actress award victory speech at the SBS Drama Awards 2003, Song expressed her gratitude to her “senior actor” Lee Byung-hun for fostering positive and enjoyable memories.

Song-Song Couple

Unquestionably, among the most talked-about K-drama pairings ever were Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. They became known as the “Song-Song pair” after they met on the Descendants of the Sun set in the second half of 2015 and started dating before the drama was broadcast. The couple welcomed their engagement in 2017 and got married in front of friends and family in the profession while fans gushed, proving that dreams can be realized.

Song Hye Kyo Dating History

But the devastating news of the Song-Song couple’s divorce emerged in 2019 when Hye Kyo’s agency disclosed that the couple’s personality differences prevented them from getting along.

Song Hye Kyo Dating 2022

According to public awareness, Song Hye Kyo is single right now, but the actress just posted on Instagram to her 13.5 million followers that she is “living a very happy and healthy day to day thanks to the constant love and faith my dear fans offer me.” I hope you continue to stay happy and healthy,” she added.

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Fans are very appreciative of Song Hye Kyo’s efforts to keep the intimate details of her life to herself despite the fact that her dating history and romances have frequently hit the headlines over the past 20 years while she has been in the public light.