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Someday You’ll Return: Game Features The Best And The Worst Aspects Of Modern Horror Video Games


David Mudd

Someday you’ll return brings one of the best genres into gaming. Before this game, no one had explored the genre enough. We only had a few games that surrounded horror. But this game is an amazing addition to the list.

However, with this comes a lot of responsibility. The game has to outlive all the others. And it has to simultaneously stay true to its genre. Satisfying a horror genre is a difficult job. But people are enjoying this genre a lot.

So this game is going to have to face the fierce competition of the horrors that have lived before. It includes the likes of Outlast and Amnesia.

Both of these games have acquired a lot of acclaims. So how is ‘someday you’ll return’ faring on this scale? Is it good to go? Stay tuned to find out.

Someday You’ll Return

More About The Game

The game is a very special entry into the horror category. With its puzzle-solving vision, the game brings out the best in you. Its story keeps you engaged and it can surely fare above Amnesia on this one.

Horror games have previously been inspired by a lot of those horror games that ruled people’s hearts. These have included Outlast and Amnesia. However, this game has brought out its new touch. And with its adventurous style gameplay, it keeps its users intact. This is extremely important.

Also, it has ensured to maintain a level of interest while you’re moving through the game. It has an adventure based puzzles system that you may like. The portrayal of the game is very different from anything that we’ve seen before.

All The Parts Good (Someday You’ll Return)

The game has a lot of good things to appreciate. The puzzles in the game are very engaging and different. Its unique concept to the genre has intrigued every gamer that laid its hands on it. So this game brings you something fresh to try.

And that can be very appealing to the young audience. The game also does justice to the horror genre. It ensures that people are spooked and have the right delivery of jumpscares.

Someday You’ll Return

The atmosphere of the game will keep you creeped out. Also, the sound effects, the audio effects, everything works very well together. And they combine to make something so effectively horror and so interesting at the same time.

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All The Parts Bad

Now the game lacks in various parts as well. The game is not very effective with the voice acting. And that can downplay everything right about the game for some. You can get annoyed by the protagonist at times because it can get too overdone.
This is something that should be improved. Also, the main character is evil and that can be a downplay for some people. It can make us less interested in the game. Also, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the story like that.