Solos: Amazon Prime Video Sci-fi Drama!


David Mudd

You also feel that it is a good drama in which the life of the 8 persons in different areas or worlds is shown in seven episodes of this Solos drama. The show tells about the life of the 8 humans and what they feel and the life of the human is felt with loneliness, happiness, beautiful things and there are many more to think about it.

David Weil created the series and tells everyone in the form of this series Solos which is sci-fiction and tells us that something is always present in this universe which connects all of us with other and familiar person in our life.

But it is the good amazon prime sci-fiction drama in the time of pandemic in which you see Leah who is working in her basement to crack the code and wants to interact with other personalities like her. In the second episode you will get to see Tom has same robot for his family and this robot is used in the form of Tom when he dies due to terminal illness. It was revealed later on that Tom II is the robot which is used to take care of Tom’s family after he died.


Out of seven season all 6 seasons are discussed and focuses death and existential dread and Stuart who is the thief and stole everyone’s memory played the good acting and Otto helped in to recover from his disease as he is the patient of Alzheimer. He stolen everyone’s memory which includes Tom, Peg, Sasha, Leah and Otto when Otto was a kid and he is responsible for memory lost of thousands of people and all are alone due to his acts.

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Solos: Release Date


This is a mini drama which only consist of 7 episodes in which story and life of 8 persons are told and the series came on May 21, 2021 in many countries like UK, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, New Zealand and in many more territories after release in these countries.

Solos: Cast

Who are the members who played the role in Solos?

These are the main actors in this series and these are-

  • A patient named Stuart whose role is played by Morgan Freeman and he was revealed to be a thief who stole the memories of hundreds of people alongwith the main characters.
  • Leah, a scientist played by Anne Hathaway who wants to do experiment in her Lab or basement to clear the codes and do time travel ans she also played the role of Leah 2 and Leah 3 from 2029 and 2019 in the series.
  • Anthony Mackie plays the role of Tom who is later discovered as the father of Peg and he also made scientific robot to replace himself to keep his family safe after his death.
  • Peg, is a senior old woman who joins space program and is played by Helen Mirren and she was raised by her grandparents after his father Tom Died.
  • Sasha by Uzo Aduba and she is living in her house due to pandemic and wants to leave the house by tricking it.
  • Jenny who didn’t know why she was in the waiting room and that she things and can’t come our and is so self destructive women is played by Constance Wu.
  • Nicole Beharie play the role of pregnant lady as Nera and she gave birth during the lockdown period and son who grew up so fast.
  • Otto, wants to help Stuart and he stolen a cure for Stuart so that Stuart came recover soon.

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Where to Watch 2021 Sci-fi Drama Soles?


You can stream this amazing show in which truth behind the human life is shown in the form of loneliness, heart breaking and many other things only on Amazon Prime Video.

Want to Watch Solos Trailer

Here I embedded a Solos trailer for you to know more about this series.


This series is not well received after a good theme and story and received only 5.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDB along with 45% on Rotten Tomatoes.

There is also no news regarding the season 2 of Solos as I know many of you are finding this series if you love its original season.

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