Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 117 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Recap, and Where to Read!


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In Chapter 117 of Solo Max-Level Newbie, three bosses on the 9th level await Jinhyuk and his crew. At first, Atasha was the only 9th-level boss, but later, the Lizard King and Black Fang joined the fight.

However, these bosses are not the main concern. Towards the end of the chapter, a masked figure appears and takes control of the prison. Although Jinhyuk built a wall around the 8th level, someone seems to have found a way to break through it.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the release date, raw scans, spoilers, recap, and where to read the upcoming chapter of “Solo Max Level Newbie.” Get all the information about the next chapter below.


  • The next Chapter of “Solo Max Level Newbie” is expected to be released on September 07, 2023.
  • You can read the next chapter on the popular platform Naver.
  • Machedroth didn’t like how Jinhyuk made their plan harder to carry out.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 117 Release Date

Chapter 117 of Solo: Max-Level Newbie will come out on September 07, 2023. A new chapter is released every week. Also, Check the release date of Infinite Mage Chapter 49.

Here we have also provided the worldwide schedule for the upcoming chapter:

Location Time Date
US (EST) 9:00 AM September 07, 2023
Canada (NT) 9:00 AM September 07, 2023
India (IST) 6:30 PM September 07, 2023
Australia 11:00 PM September 07, 2023
Philippines 9:00 PM September 07, 2023
Japan (JST) 10:00 PM September 07, 2023
South Korea 10:00 PM September 07, 2023

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 117 Raw Scans

Readers of “Solo Max Level Newbie” can’t wait for the next chapter to find out what happens next. The last chapter left us hanging, making everyone even more curious about what’s coming up.

Regrettably, we can’t provide early scans right now. Normally, we get them about three to four days before the new chapter is officially released, and we’re keeping a close eye on the schedule. Raw Scans of Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 116 are also available.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 117 Spoilers

We know that you all are looking for the spoilers of “Solo Max Level Newbie” Chapter 117. The last chapter of this manga series was full of plots, and thrills and ended on a cliffhanger. Now all the readers are on the edge of their seats and very eager to know what will happen in the next chapter and are requesting for the spoilers.

But currently, no spoilers have been out yet. But you can check the spoilers of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 234 and also the spoilers of I am Being Raised By The Villains Chapter 37.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 116 Recap

In the previous chapter, We noticed that Melina was curious about what happened but hadn’t shared information with Jin-hyuk. She only revealed why she was investigating when he asked. She was told she might meet someone important if she continued.

solo max level newbie chapter 117 release date

Jinhyuk was surprised when he met this special person. However, Machedroth didn’t like Jinhyuk interfering with their plan. He wondered who the person was in his mind realm protecting Alice.

Where to Read Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 117

To read the next chapter of “Solo Max Level Newbie,” go to the popular website Naver or Naver has many manga options, so make sure to check it out. You manga readers should also read Weak Hero Chapter 261.


In Chapter 115 of “Solo Max-Level Newbie,” Jinhyuk and his crew face not only the formidable 9th-level bosses, including Atasha, the Lizard King, and Black Fang but also a mysterious masked figure who takes control of the prison. Readers eagerly await Chapter 117, set to release on September 7, 2023, as the story unfolds with unexpected twists and turns.

While raw scans and spoilers are currently unavailable, the last chapter left readers in suspense, anticipating what lies ahead in this gripping manga series. Follow or bookmark trending news buzz for more manga updates.