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Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All The Latest Updates


David Mudd

Solo Leveling is one of the red-hot Korean anime series at the moment. The first season of the anime ended with a lot of deciphering and mystical facts.

But that was not all; the fans were not left at peace. The revelations popped up more questions in our heads, and we are eagerly waiting for the second season to pick up the story once again.

Solo Leveling 2 Release Date

The anime was going to release in May 2020 according to the schedule, but May is already here, and there is no precise date of the release.

However, the speculations say that the release of the series is delayed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Solo Leveling

Due to this, the exact release date of the anime is still not confirmed will only be apparent when things seem to stabilise around.

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Why Is The Series So Famous?

The manga-based series got all the popularity because of its unique storyline. In addition to this, the concept of mighty hunters, and demons seem to intrigue people a lot.

You can read more about the original story in the link mentioned below:

Solo Leveling

It felt like an escape from the ordinary world and took people into a completely different sphere of its own.

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The Plot

If there are monsters, there are going to be people fueled with all the might and power to defeat them. These people with special abilities are known as hunters.

The story primarily revolves around the titular character Jin Woo. He is of the weakest rank ‘E’ Hunter. To your surprise, he is not a lot more powerful than humans, like just above average.

Solo Leveling

The season ended with Jin Woo defeating King Ant and marked the beginning of the quest to search for his father. Season two is going to pick up from there. We are going to see a lot of new creatures and monsters in the coming season.

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